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Name Waseem Amin
Designation Lecturer
Department Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification MS Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering
Phone No +92 51 9047 696
Cell No
Fax No +92 51 9047 420
Email [email protected]

PhD in Advanced Materials Simulation ICAMS (RUB) continued

MS in Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering (GIKI) 2012

BS in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (UET Lhr) 2010

Advanced Material Simulations

Phase Field Modeling

Crystal Plasticity Modeling

Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Matrix Composites

Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Welding Engineering


Light Metal Alloys

Friction Stir Technology

Advanced Material Processing

  1. Muhammad Asif Hussain, Adnan Maqbool, Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Muhammad Umer Farooq, Irfan Haider Abidi, Nabi Bakhsh, Waseem Amin, Ju Young Kim, "Improved sinterability of hydroxyapatite functionally graded materials strengthened with SS316L and CNTs fabricated by pressureless sintering"  Ceramics International 41, (2015) 10125-10132;
  2. Tahir Ahmad, Tabinda Kazmi, K. A. Bhatti, Gul Hameed Awan, Waseem Amin, M. Kamran, M. Atif Makhdoom, "Structural, Morphological, and Mechanical Properties of Laser-Irradiated AA-2024-T3 Aluminum Alloy Sheet" Journal of Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers 44, 1 (2016)
  3. JK Engels, S Gao, W Amin, A Biswas, A Kostka, N Vajragupta, A Hartmaier, "Indentation size effects in spherical nanoindentation analyzed by experiment and non-local crystal platicity"  Materialia 3, (2018) 21-30;

  4. Junaid A. Qayyum, Khurram Altaf, A. Majdi A. Rani, Faiz Ahmad, Hafiz A. Qadir, Waseem Amin, "Metal Injection Molding Process Parameters as A Function of Filling Performance of 3D Printed Polymer Mold" MATEC Web of Conferences 225(1):06004 (2018);

  5. W Amin, M. Adil Ali, N. Vajragupta, A. Hartmaier, " Studying Grain Boundary Strengthening by Dislocation-Based Strain Gradient Crystal Plasticity Coupled with a Multi-Phase-Field Model" Materials 2019, 12(18), 2977;

  6. Muhammad Adil Ali, Waseem Amin, Oleg Shchyglo, Ingo Steinbach, "45-degree rafting in Ni-base superalloys: a combined phase-field and strain gradient crystal plasticity study" (in review)

  7. Muhammad Adil Ali, Inmaculada L ́opez-Galilea, Siwen Gao, Benjamin Ruttert, Waseem Amin, Alexander Hartmaier, Werner Theisen, Ingo Steinbach, "Effect of γ′ size on hardness and creep properties of Ni-based single crystal superalloys: experiment and simulation" (in review)

  8. Mahesh R.G. Prasad, Abhishek Biswas, Karina Geenen, Waseem Amin, Jenni Kristin Engels, Siwen Gao, Arne, Röttger, Napat Vajragupta, Werner Theisen, Alexander Hartmaier, "Numerical study of porosity influence on the mechanical behavior of additively manufactured 316L stainless steel" (in review)

  • Assistant PEB coordinator
  • Member of Departmental Purchase Committee
  • Deputy Director Placement and Industry-Academia Linkages 
  • Deputy Director International Linkages

Oct.  2016- To date        Research Associate, RUB      

Sept.2014- To date        Lecturer at MMED UET Taxila

Sept.2012- Jan.2013     Lecturer (Visiting) at MME UET Lahore

Aug. 2010- June2012    Lab. Engineer at FMSE GIKI

Member of Pakistan Engineering Council (M-PEC) Pak

Member of American Society for Testing and Materials (M-ASTM) USA

Member of The Intitute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (ProfGrad MIMMM) UK

Member of The German Society of Materials DGM

Computer Aided Design

Engineering Materials


Fully Funded Scholarship from GIKI (Topi, Pakistan) for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Fully Funded Scholarship from HEC (Islamabad, Pakistan) for Doctoral Research.

Organized/Attended several workshops/seminars/conferences

  1. One day seminar (a CPD activity) on "Shape Memory Alloys: Casting and Properties" on 23 Feb. 2015 at UET Taxila Pakistan.
  2. One day seminar (a CPD activity) on "Assessment of Material Damage during Sheet Metal Deformation and Failure Process" on 12 June 2015 at UET Taxila Pakistan.
  3. One day seminar (a CPD activity) on "Functional near-infrared spectroscopy-based brain-computer interfaces and its applications" on 02 Dec. 2015 at UET Taxila Pakistan.
  4. Four days National Conference (a CPD activity) on "National Workshop on Novel Approach to First Course in Circuits" on 11-14 Jan. 2016 at UET Taxila Pakistan.
  5. Organized several workshops related to US Fulbright Scholarships at UET Taxila Pakistan.
  6. A conference on "High Performance Computing in Materials Science", 22-24 Feb. 2017, Soest, Germany 
  7. An interdisciplinary conference on "Our environment, our future: impulse through technical innovation", 31March-2April 2017, Kassel, Germany
  8. A conference on "Data Driven Materials Science, 23-25 May 2018, Soest, Germany
  9. ICAMS 10 International Symposium, 25-27 Jun 2018, Bochum, Germany
  10.  JK Engels, W Amin, A Biswas, S Gao, DKG Dacasa, S Rooein, N Vajragupta, A Hartmaier, "Parametrization of a nonlocal crystal plasticity model by nanoindentation and inverse modeling" (Poster) 27th International Workshop on Computational Mechanics of Materials (IWCMM27) 20 Sept. 2017, Leuven, Belgium

  11. W Amin, N Vajragupta, A Hartmaier, "Prediction of Large Deformations in Metals using Crystal Plasticity-Phase Field Method" (Poster) ICAMS 10 International Symposium 23 Jun. 2018, Bochum, Germany

  12. W Amin, N Vajragupta, A Hartmaier, "Micromechanical modeling of metals using crystal plasticity-phase field method" (Poster) 2nd Materials Chain International Conference (MCIC 2018) 12-14 Nov. 2018, Bochum, Germany

  1. 2nd International Foundry Congress and Exhibition, 18-19 Nov (2008) Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. 5th International Foundry Congress and Exhibition, 2-3 Dec. (2014) Lahore, Pakistan.
  3. Synthesis and Characterization of Functional Materials, 26-27 May (2015) Islamabad, Pakistan.
  4. 3 Days short course on Fracture analysis at Failure analysis center on 12-14 Oct. (2015) at IST Isamabad.

Micromechanics of Large Deformations