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Name Dr. Waqas Asghar
Designation Lecturer
Department Mechanical Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification PhD Mechanical Engineering
Specialization Design against Fatigue
Phone No 051-9047-669
Cell No 0335-5919207
Fax No
Email [email protected]

Matriculation:   BISE Multan(2006)

FSc Pre Engineering:  BISE Multan(2008)

BSc Engineering:  UET Taxila(2008-2012)

MSc Mechanical Engineering: UET Taxila(2013-2016)

Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (2017-2021)

 Fatigue crack growth rate of fiber metal laminates (BSc Thesis)

Fatigue life estimation of acetylene welded aluminum alloy (MSc Thesis)

Enhancement of Electro-mechanical Properties of Piezo-capacitive Flexible Pressure Sensors by using Magnetically Grown Dielectric Interface (Ph. D Thesis)

Fatigue of metals, composites and nanomaterials, coatings, SEM fractography, ceramics, Soft sensors, Electro-mechanical properties, 

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  2. MUDASERULLAH, et al., Fatigue life estimation of different welding zones of oxy acetylene welded aluminum alloy (AA 5052-H32). Nucleus, 2013. 50(3): p. 261-265.
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  4. Khan, F., et al., Effect of various surface preparation techniques on the delamination properties of vacuum infused Carbon fiber reinforced aluminum laminates (CARALL): Experimentation and numerical simulation. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 2017. 31(11): p. 5265-5272.

  5. ASGHAR, Waqas. "Types, DSC Thermal Characterization of Fe-Mn-Si based Shape Memory Smart Materials and their Feasibility for Human Body in Terms of Austenitic Start Temperatures." Journal of Engineering Technology (ISSN. 0747-9964) 8.1 (2019): 185-206.

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  1. Evaluation of tensile behavior and interlaminar shear strength of fiber metal laminates
  2. Effect of dffernt parameters on pore size of anodized Aluminum
  1. Secrutny Committee (member)
  2. OBE Indirect Assessment Committee (member)
  3. Continued Professional Development (CPD) Committee (Member)

Lab Engineer Uet Taxila: 5-11-2013 to 23-3-2015

Lecturer Uet Taxila: 24-3-2015 to present

Teaching as a visting Lecturer at Govt Technical College Jhelum. (Nov 2012-April2013)

Teaching as a lab engineer at UET Taxila.(Nov 2013-Mar 2015)

Teaching as a lecturer at UET Taxila.(Mar 2015-onwards)

  1. Participated in 1st  International conference on cost-effective manufacturing of Composites at ISt Islamabad. (Mar 2014)
  2. Participated in International Conference on Advanced Materials and Technology, held at Ninghai China (Oct, 2018).
  3. Participated in International Conference on Flexible Electronics (ICFE 2019) held at Hangzhou, China (July, 2019).
  1. Evaluation of tensile behavior and interlaminar shear strength of fiber metal laminates
  2. Effect of dffernt parameters on pore size of anodized Aluminum
  1. Professional Development workshop on Micro Teaching (Oct 2016)

  2. One day workshop on Computational Flud Dynamics (13-4-2017)