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Name Dr. Waqar Ahmad
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Computer Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification PhD Electronics and Communications Engineering, Politecnico di torino, Italy
Specialization VLSI/FPGA architectures, High Level Synthesis (HLS), Embedded Multimedia, Image and Video Coding, Multimedia Signal Processing
Phone No +92-51-9047580
Cell No +92-347-0152993
Fax No +92-51-9047-420
Email [email protected]

PhD in Electronics and Communications Engineering, 2017

Politecnico di torino, Italy

M.Sc. Computer Engineering, 2011

University of Engineering and Technology Taxila

B.Sc. Computer Engineering, 2008

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Abbottabad

Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Speech Processing

Image and Video Coding

Multimedia Signal Processing

Video Compression

FPGA/VLSI architectures for multimedia signal processing

High Level Synthesis (HLS) based VLSI architectures

Embedded Multimedia


Journals / Transactions Publications (8 Published)


  1. Umair Ullah Tariq, Haider Ali, Lu Liu, James Hardy, Muhammad Kazim, Waqar Ahmad “Energy-aware Scheduling of Streaming Applications on Edge-devices in IoT based Healthcare”, in IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking (TGCN), (2021).


  1. Anam Manzoor, Waqar Ahmad, Muhammad Ehatisham-Ul-Haq, Abdul Hannan, Muhammad Asif Khan, M. Usman Ashraf, Ahmed M. Alghamdi, Ahmed S. Sheikh “Inferring Emotion Tags from Object Images Using Convolutional Neural Network”, in MDPI Applied Sciences 2020, vol. 10, p. 5333, .
  2. Muhammad Irfan, Asim Ali, Muhammad Asif Khan ,Muhammad Ehatisham‐ul‐Haq, Syed Nasir Mehmood Shah, Abdul Saboor, Waqar Ahmad “Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG) Design Using Hyper-Chaotic Modified Robust Logistic Map (HC-MRLM)”, in MDPI Electronics 2020, vol. 9, p. 104, .
  3. Bin Faheem Z, Ali A, Khan MA, Ul‐Haq ME, Ahmad W. Highly dispersive substitution box (S‐box) design using chaos. ETRI Journal. 2020 Aug;42(4):619-32, .  
  4. Malik MS, Ali MA, Khan MA, Ehatisham-Ul-Haq M, Shah SN, Rehman M, Ahmad W. Generation of highly nonlinear and dynamic AES substitution-boxes (S-boxes) using chaos-based rotational matrices. IEEE Access. 2020 Feb 13;8:35682-95., .
  5. Asif  MD, Tariq UU, Baig MN, Ahmad W. A novel hybrid method for text detection and extraction from news videos. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research. 2014;19(5):716-22.
  6. Tariq UU, Ahmad W, Asif MD, Hussain M. Gender Perception From Faces Using Boosted LBPH (Local Binary Patten Histograms). Carpathian Journal of Electronic & Computer Engineering. 2013 Jan 1;6(1).
  7. Balcoh NK, Yousaf MH, Ahmad W, Baig MI. Algorithm for efficient attendance management: Face recognition based approach. International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI). 2012 Jul 1;9(4):146.



Peer-Reviewed Conference/Symposium Publications (6)


  1. Qammar, J. and Ahmad, W., 2021, July. Resolution Representation Based Person Re-Identification for Smart Cities Using Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). In 2021 International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT) (pp. 533-537). IEEE.
  2. Waqar Ahmad, Naveed Khan Baloch, Fawad Husain, Muhammad Asif Khan “3D-HEVC Neighbouring Block Based Disparity Vector (NBDV) Derivation Architecture: Complexity and Implementation Analysis” International Conference on Electronics Applications (APPLEPIES)11-13 September, 2019,
  3. Naveed Khan Baloch, Waqar Ahmed, Ayaz Hussain, Waqar Ahmad, M. Iram Baig, “Multi-bit Error Correction Technique for NTC based Network on Chip” (IC4E’2017) Dubai (UAE),
  4. Waqar Ahmad , Maurizio Martina, Guido Masera,  “High Level Synthesis Based FPGA Implementation of H.264/AVC Luma Sub-pixel Interpolation Filter”, European Modeling Symposium, 28-29 Nov. 2016 Pisa, Italy,  (Travel Grant: € 895 or 1000 USD)
  5. Waqar Ahmad , Maurizio Martina, Guido Masera “Complexity and Implementation analysis of Synthesized View Distortion Estimation Architecture in 3D High Efficiency Video Coding”, International Conference on 3D Imaging, 14-15 Dec. 2015 Liege, Belgium,  (Travel Grant: € 978 or 100 USD)
  6. Gouping Xiao, Waqar Ahmad, Syed Azhar Ali Ziadi, Massimo Ruo Roch, Giovanni Causapruno, “High Speed VLSI architecture for Finding the First W maximum/minimum Values”, International Conference on Electronics Applications (APPLEPIES) 5-6 May, 2014,


  • Patron   .... Taxilians Robotics and Automation Club(TRAC)
  • Member .... Software Developlment Centre (SDC), FT&IE


  • Member  .... Undergraduate Academic Monitoring Committee(UAMC) CPED
  • Incharge .... Maintenance Cell FT&IE


Assistant Professor                                                          Dec/13 - to date   Computer  Engineering Department, UET Taxila

Lecturer                                                                           Dec/08 – Dec/13    Computer  Engineering Department, UET Taxila

Lab. Engineer                                                                   05/March/08 –10/Dec/08 Electrical Engineering Department, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad


Session Chair, European Modelling Symposium 28 - 29 November 2016, Pisa, Italy Link

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Teaching of following subjects at Undergraduate levels:

  • VLSI System Design 
  • Advance Digital Design  
  • Digital Electronics
  • Microelectronics
  • Electric Circuits

    Reviewer for Journals

    Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers   Journal Link

    • Won Ph.D. Scholarship from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC)

    • Won Campus Gold Medal in B.Sc. Computer Engineering, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Abbottabad

    • Won Institute Silver Medal in B.Sc. Computer Engineering, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad

    • Overall 1st Position in the Class in B.Sc. Computer Engineering

    • Throughout 1st Position in all eight semesters in the Class in B.Sc. Computer Engineering


    MS thesis supervision

    1. A Novel Hybrid Method for Text Detection and Extraction from News Videos

    • 3 Weeks training on IC Nanometer Design at National Institute of Electronics (NIE) Islamabad

    • Attended the 5TH International Workshop on Frontiers of Information Technology,2007

    • Attended the 3rd International Conference on Open Source Systems & Technologies, 2009

    • Attended two days short course on Network Security Systems (CSC-01) Held at Headquarters PEC, Islamabad

    • Attended and completed Open Source Software Training conducted by Open Source Resource Center, Pakistan Software Export Board, Ministry of Information Technology at COMSATS Abbottabad