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Name Engr. Wajahat Abbas
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Software Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification MS Engg. UET Taxila
Specialization Multimedia Transmission on Wireless Networks
Phone No 051-9047590
Cell No
Fax No
Email [email protected]

PhD Computer Engg.       U.E.T Taxila       (In Progress)

M.Sc Computer Engg.      U.E.T Taxila            2009

B.Sc Software Engg.       U.E.T Taxila            2005

  • Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  • Cognitive Radio networks
  • Multimedia Transmission
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing

i. “PIW: A QoS Provisioning Scheme for Efficient Real Time Data Transmission in Hybrid Wireless Networks” IJET-IJENS (ISSN:2077-1185), Vol 10 Issue 01, February 2010

 ii. “Investigation of Packet Loss Patterns in Audio/Video Content Distribution over RTP in Wireless Networks” IJECS-IJENS (ISSN: 2077-1231), Vol 10 Issue 01, February 2010

iii. “PSNR Improvement for Real-time Multimedia transmission in Hybrid Wireless Networks” UCP-IEEEP Multi topic Conference, Technical Paper Proceedings, May 2009

 iv. “An Efficient Algorithm for Secure & Fair Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Networks" , Canadian Journal of Multimedia and Wireless Networks (ISSN: 1923-1697) April 2010

 v. “Reusable IP core for Forward Error Correcting Codes” IJBAS-IJENS, (ISSN: 2077-1223) Vol 10 Issue 01, February 2010

vi. “Lip Reading Mechanism Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” IEEE International Conference on Information Science and Applications 2010 (Accepted) ID: ICISA223

vii. “Comparative Study Of Power And Performance Efficient Operating Systems” 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, July 9-11, 2010,Chengdu, China (Accepted) ID:T118

  • Implementation of Cognitive Radio system for Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • Simulation based analysis of Cognitive radio networks
  • Simulation based analysis of Audio and Video Content distribution over Hybrid wireless networks
  • Design of Antivirus software for Windows platform
  • RTP based Performance Improvement of multimedia transmission in Ad hoc wireless networks

1. Member Sports

2. Timetable Handling

3. Final Year Project Advisor

4. Incharge cleanliness

5. Class Advisor (2k9)

6. PhD program in SED

  • Network Simulator-2
  • Java 
  • C++ 
  • Matlab
  • Serving as Lecturer (BPS-18) in University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila since 28th September, 2007 in Department of Software Engineering.
  • Almost 2 Years Experience in Network Department of Mobilink where I worked on various Motorola and Alcatel BSS softwares. I also designed database and Event analysis softwares for my department. Also I worked on both Alcatel and Motorola OMCR and have practical experience on troubleshooting and Performance analysis of both Motorola and Alcatel BSS Equipment.
  • Concurrency and Distributed Systems (M.Sc Computer/Software Engg) 
  • Integrated Services over Packet networks (8th term Software Engg)
  • Wireless Networks (8th term Software Engg.)
  • Advanced Computer Systems (7th term Software Engg.)
  • Parallel Processing (6th term Computer/Software Engineering)
  • Artificial Intelligence (5th term Software Engineering)
  • Communication Systems (5th term Computer Engineering)
  • Participated in HEC Faculty Professional Development Program (Jan 4-Mar 4, 2010), HEC
  • ALCATEL i) BSS  ii) BSC/TC  iii)9100 BTS iv)9100 MFS
  • MOTOROLA i) Network Health Analyst ii) BSC iii) BTS
  • HP OpenView Helpdesk application