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Name Engr. Shamas Tabraiz
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Environmental Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification M.Sc. (Environmental Engineering), University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
Specialization Water & Wastewater Engineering
Phone No +92519047808
Cell No +923314194878
Fax No
Email [email protected]

M.Sc Environmental Engineering (University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore).

B.Sc Environmental Engineering (University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore).

1. Effect of operating conditions (backwash & relaxation time)  on biofouling in membrane bio- reactor.(2014-15)

2. Simultaneous effect of coagulant and operational condition (backwash & relaxation time) on biofouling in membrane bioreactor. (2014-15)

3. Nutrients removal from sewage using fixed film A2O system. (2014-15)

4. Comparison of treatment of leachate treatment with conventional and commercially  available coagulants (2015)

5. Comparison of treatment of  surgical industries wastewater treatment with conventional and commercially available coagulants (2015)

6. Evaluation of cost effective treatment combination of conventional and commercially available coagulant to recycle wastewater of flour mill (2015)

7. Reclamation of  marble crushing industrial wastewater using different coagulants (2015)

8. Treatment of slaughter house wastewater using granular sludge in hybrid rotating biological upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (RB-UASB).  (a novel technology)(2013-14)

9. Evaluation of submerged bio-filter aerated lagoon (SBAL). (2013-14)

10. Hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) removal from synthetic wastewater by multi-walled carbon nano-tubes (MWCNT’s) in batch and continuous process and their reuse. (2013-14)

11. Groundwater faecal coliform and other pollutants contamination potential due to sewage land disposal: A case study of Taxila Pakistan. (2013-14)

12. Optimization of water distribution network by split pipe technique; development of thumb rule(2013-14)

13. Physio-psychological effects of noise pollution on trafic wardens (2013)

14.  A potential soucrce of hearing impairement; headphones (2013)

15. Effects of noise pollution on crushing industry workers (2013)

Membrane Technologies for water and wastewater treatment,

Anaerobic wastewater treatment,

Aerobic and Anaerobic treatment with granules,

Water supply Scheme and Sewerage system optimization

Noise Pollution and Its Impacts

1. Shamas Tabraiz, Saeed Ahmad, Iffiat Shahzadi, Muhammad Bilal Asif, (2015) Study of physio-psychological effects on traffic, Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, doi:10.1186/s40201-015-0187-x. (I.F. 1.65).

2. S. Tabraiz, M. B. Asif, S. Iftekhar, T. Ishtiaq, (2014) A Potential Source Of Hearing Impairment - Headphones, Technical Journal UET Taxila, Vol. 19(IV), 48-53.

3. Muhammad Bilal Asif, Nadeem Majeed, Sidra Iftekhar, Rasikh Habib, Sadia Fida, Shamas Tabraiz, (2015), chemically enhanced primary treatment of textile effluent using alum sludge and chitosan, Desalination and Water Treatment,  DOI: 10.1080/19443994.2015.1015448. (I.F. 0.987)

Director, Wastewater Treatment Technology Lab

Director, Environmental Microbiology Lab

Member, Curriculum Revision Committee

Member, Departmental Semester Committee

Resident Tutor (Ali Hall, UET Taxila)

1.Position: Assistant Professor (BPS-19)

Employer: University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan

From: March 2015 to date


Position: Lecturer (BPS-18)

Employer: University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan 

From: March 2012 - March 2015


Position: Environmental Design Engineer

Employer: Klimatech Consultant (Pvt.) Ltd Lahore Pakistan

From: June. 2011 - March 2012


Position: Environmental Design Engineer

Employer: Euroconsult Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore Pakistan

From: Sep. 2010 - June 2011

Pakistan Engineering Council

I have taught the following subjects to undergraduate classes of Environmental Engineering


1. EnE-404: Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

2. EnE-308: Industrial Waste Management

3. EnE-301: Water and Wastewater Engineering 

4. EnE-104: Environmental Microbiology

5. EnE-102: Environmental Chemistry


1. 2nd position in MSc Environmental Engineering

2. Dean's Honor Roll  for distinction/extraordinary performance in BSc Engineering 5th semester.

3. Dean's Honor Roll  for distinction/extraordinary performance in BSc Engineering 6th semester.

4.Dean's Honor Roll  for distinction/extraordinary performance in BSc Engineering 8th semester.