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Name Dr. Salman Amin
Designation Professor
Department Electrical Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification PhD Electrical Engineering
Specialization Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Materials, Composite materials
Phone No 051-9047555
Cell No 0333-6530527
Fax No 051-9047420
Email [email protected]

1997 SSC PAEC Model High School, D.G.Khan

1999 HSSC PAEC Inter Science College, D.G.Khan

2004 BSc Electrical Engineering (Specialization: Electronics & Communication) UET Taxila

2007 MSc Electrical Engineering (Specialization: Power) UET Taxila

2013 PhD Electrical Engineering (Specialization: Power > High Voltage) UET Taxila

Renewable Energy Systems

Renwable Materials

Self Healing Materials

Energy Storage Systems

Energy Conservation Systems

High Voltage Engineering

Thermoplastic and Thermoset Materials

Polymeric Insulators.

Insulation Materials

Journal Publications

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21) Muhammad Amjad Khan, Sheikh Saaqib Haroon, Abdul Rauf Bhatti, Salman Amin, Intisar Ali Sajjad, “A Feasibility Analysis of Wind Power Project in the Hunza Valley of Pakistan, Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, accepted December 10,2019 (Waiting to be published in Vol 39, Issue2, April 2020)


Conference Publications

1) Salman Amin, Tahir Mehmood, Mohammad Ahmad Choudhry, Aamir Hanif, “Reviewing the Technical Issues for the Effective Construction of Automatic Meter Reading System”, Proceedings of 17th IEEE International conference on Microelectronics(IEEE ICM 2005), 13-15 Dec, 2005, pp.189-193.

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4) M. A. Choudhry, Tahir Mahmood, Aamir Hanif & Salman Amin, “Microcontroller based Embedded System Design for AMR” Proceedings of 8th International IASTED Conference on Power and Energy Systems, Oct 24-26, 2005, Marina del Rey, USA. ISSN: 1482-7891. Paper No.492-090.

5) Tahir Mahmood, M. A. Choudhry, Salman Amin, Aamir Hanif, ” Methodology to Modify Existing Electromechanical Disc-type Energy Meters to AMR”. International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering, (ICCMSE 2005), 21-26 October 2005 Loutraki, Greece.


1) Design, Inititation and Execution of UET, Taxila's First on Grid Solar Power Plant

This plant is working in Electrical Engineering Department and Feeding 60 Units of Electricity to UET, Taxila local grid and till no has fed a total of more than 50 Mwh to university load and hence has saved total 1 million in electricity bill in last two years.


Installation of Energy Efficient Lighting In Electrical Engineering Department, UET, Taxila

Installation of First On Grid Solar Power Plant at UET, Taxila

More than 13 years of Experience in Teaching and R& D Organizations

High Voltage Engineering

Alternate / Renew able Energy Systems

Currently Assocaite Professor, in Electrical Engineering Department