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Name Dr. Sadia Nasreen
Designation Associate Professor
Department Environmental Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering), China University of Geo-sciences, Wuhan, China
Specialization Biofuel and Catalysis/ Bioremediation
Phone No +92-519047804
Cell No
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Email [email protected]

• Ph.D. Environmental Engineering (2014). China University of Geo-sciences, Wuhan.

Environmental Engineering, Bio-fuel, Cleaner Production and Environmental Catalyst and Chemistry and Waste Water Treatment
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• Ph.D. - Synthesis characterization and application of catalyst for production of biodiesel synthesis plant oil. • M.Phil. - Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies of Organotin (IV) Complexes with Schiff Base. • M.Sc. - Synthesis, of Organotin (IV) Derivatives of Carboxylate Containing Ligand Book: Dr. Rehana Rashid, Dr. Abida Khan , Miss Saadia Nasreen, (2009)„‟Introduction to chemical Sciences – A practical Approach’’ Publisher COMSATS Institute of Information Technology University, Abbottabad (A Practical Manual for Undergraduate Students)


  1. To investigate the Potential of bio binders for use in flexible Pavements.
  2. Pharmaceutical wastewater Treatment using modified organoclay.


  1. Biodiesel Production from Non-Edible Waste Cooking Oil Using SrO-MnO/Ceramic.
  2. Production of Bio-Diesel from Waste Cooking Oil with Application of Ti/La Catalyst Based Composite.
  3. Utilization of textile industry waste water for irrigational purposes.
  4. Synthesis and application Mn-Titanium oxide mix catalyst for conversion of CO to CO2.
  5. Synthesis of copper nanoparticles using chemical reduction method.
  6. Effect of synthesis route and oxygen storage component on the catalytic activity of Co3O4/ TiO2 based catalytic convertor for gasoline engine.


  1. Conversion of ash to fertilizer using waste material additives to enhance plant growth
  2. Degradation of hair through alkalinelysis method for protein extraction.
  3. Recovery and treatment of slaughter house wastewater using anaerobic Digester coupled with combined chemical Electro coagulation.
  4. New Heterogeneous Ceramic/Porcelain Supported Ti/Sr Catalyst for Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) Generation.
  5. Removal of Arsenic from water using iron impregnated wheat straw BiocharFibers.
  6. Pharmaceutical wastewater Treatment using modified organoclay
  7. Effect of operating conditions, (back wash and relaxation time) on befouling in membrane bio reactor.
  8. Assessment of heavy metals concentrations in the blood of general population of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
  9. Degradation pattern of textile effluent by using bio &sonochemical reactor.
  10. Synthesis of copper nanoparticles using chemical reduction method.
  11. Ultrasonic assisted electrochemical degradation of Azo dyes.
  12. Energy Recovery and treatment of slaughterhouse wastewater using anaerobic digester coupled with combined chemical electro coagulation.
  13. Synthesis characterization and application of catalyst for production of biodiesel synthesis plant oil.
  14. Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of organotin (IV) complexes with schiff Base.


PROFESSIONAL and TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE • Teacher: Wuhan University of Technology, 2014. • Part-time Research Assistant to Senior Quality Analyst: COMSATs Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad Pakistan, 2008 to 2011. i. Performed standards biological, physical and microbial test of water sample to check drinking water quality. ii. Water quality analysis to determine heavy metals contaminants in drinking water and waste water using HPLC, and UV Spectrophotometer and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. iii. Participate in trainings related to handling of HPLC, GC-MS, UV-Spectrophotometer, TOC, NMR Spectroscopy, ICP-AA, CEM, SEM-EDS, XRD and IR Spectroscopy. • Laboratory Quality Controller: Wah Noble Chemical Ltd., 2005. i. Performed physical and chemical test to check the quality of raw materials used for the synthesis of formaldehyde and products. ii. Environmentalists: PIMS Hospital, Pakistan, 2006. iii. Examine the collection, segregation, and inspiration process of hazardous waste. iv. Write project report to assist with improvements to overall process of collection and incineration of hazardous waste. v. Participate in project related to Solid and hazardous waste management. • 4Research Fellow - Foreign Faculty CIIT Abbottabad with Dr .Amir. H. Malik, 2006 to 2008. i. Teacher and Laboratory Assistance – Environmental Impact Assessment, Solid Waste Management Systems and Environmental Chemistry. ii. Conduct EIA for Road Construction Project and Housing Scheme in Islamabad and Abbottabad. iii. Supervise field research visits to undergrad student to show them impact of marble, chemical, oil and ghee industry to our environments. Produce reports regarding the impact of different projects on environment and give suggestions to improve the quality of their manufacturing units. iv. Quantification of in earth quake disaster with the use GIS and SRS to quantify the disaster impact.
• Assistant Professor
  1. New heterogeneous Ceramic and porcelain  Supported Ti/Sr catalyst for Fatty Acid Methyl Easter (biodiesel Generation , PI,  HEC, NRPU#10570 - Rs-2,613,386(2019).
  2. Comparison and effect of Cinder supported with Manganese and Lanthanum oxide for biodiesel production. No: 300.88/TG/R&D/HEC/2018/26923:  Rs. 2,56520 ( 2018).
  3. Synthesis and characterization of Ce and Mn supported catalyst for biodiesel synthesis. 500000 PKR funded By Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, (2015).
  4. Synthesis and application Mn-Titanium oxide mix catalyst for conversion of CO to CO2. 550000 PKR funded by UET Taxila (2015).
  5. Chines Government scholarship for PhD studies (2011)
• Sadia Nasreen, Zarin Akhter, Rehana Rashid, Jamil Khan, Jamil khanid, “Antimicrobial studies of Schiff based Organometallic Complexe” ESDiv . 2 (2009)595-602. • Sadia Nasreen, Zarin Akhter, Rehana Rashid, Jamil Khan, Jamil khanid., Synthesis and characterization of Schiff based Organometallic Complexes” ESDiv . 2 (2009)608-612. • Ashraf. Ahmad, Qasir Mahmood, Zulfiqar Ali Bhati, Sadia Nasreen., “Water softening and pathogenic Microbial Removal from Water” ESDiv 2 (2009)776-782.
• Certificate of excellence at Command in handling HPLC, GC, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, UV and IR spectrophotometer and other lab equipment’s. • Certificate of appreciation by Taraqee foundation for doing a project of Water Quality Analysis. • Participation in one day seminar on Water Poverty and Millennium Development Goal by IUCN in Pearl continental Rawalpindi. • Certificate of excellence for Community work in PIMS Islamabad. Participation in one day seminar by IUCN on Natural Resource and Environmental Management held in Fatima Jinnah University at 26 April 2006. • Certificate of Participation in International Conference Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESDev. 2009) in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Abbottabad 16-18 august 2009. • Certificate of Participation in one day training workshop by Ministry of Environment and development Pakistan attending workshop on 30 August 2005. • Participation in one day training workshop with LEAD Pakistan on 30 August 2005.