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Name Dr. Muzaffar Ali
Designation Associate Professor
Department Energy Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Specialization HVAC, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy System, Thermal Systems
Phone No +92-51-9047482
Cell No +92-300-5316356
Fax No +92-51-9047690
Email [email protected]
  • PhD (2013)
  • BSc ( Mechanical Engineering) from UET Taxila.
  • MSc ( Mechanical Engineering) From UET Taxla.

Solar Thermal Systems design and optimization

HVAC system design and optimization

Thermal system modelling and simulation

Sustainable/Renewable energy systems

1. Muzaffar Ali , Vladimir Vukovic, Mukhtar Hussain Sahir , Guiliano Fontella, Energy analysis of chilled water system configurations using simulation-based optimization, Energy

and Buildings 59 (2013) 111-122 (IF=3.076)

2. Muzaffar Ali , Vladimir Vukovic, Mukhtar Hussain Sahir , Daniele Bascoiti, Development and validation of a desiccant wheel model calibrated under transient operating conditions, Applied Thermal Engineering 61 (2013) 469-480 (IF=2.880)

3.Muhammad Anser BASHIR, Hafiz Muhammad ALI, Muzaffar ALI, and Aysha Maryam Siddiqui, An experimental investigation of performance of photovoltaic modules in Pakistan, J. Thermal Science, doi:10.2298/TSCI130613134B (IF=0.962)

4.Muhammad Anser BASHIR, Hafiz Muhammad ALI, Shahid Khalil, Muzaffar ALI, and Aysha Maryam Siddiqui, Comparison of Performance Measurements of Photovoltaic Modules during Winter Months in Taxila, Pakistan, International Journal of Photoenergy, (IF=2.663)

5. Ali, H.M, Mahmood, M, Bashir, Muzaffar Ali, M. and Siddiqui, A.M., Outdoor Testing of Photovoltaic Modules during Summer in Taxila, Pakistan, Journal. Thermal Science, DOI:10.2298/TSCI131216025A (IF=0.962)

6. Muzaffar Ali , Vladimir Vukovic, Nadeem Ahmad,H.M.Ali, Mukhtar Hussain Sahir ,Enhancement and integration of desiccant evaporative cooling system model calibrated and validated under transient operating conditions, Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume 75, 22 January 2015, Pages 1093-1105 (IF=2.880)

7. Muzaffar Ali, Vladimir Vukovic, Nadeem Ahmed Sheikh, Hafiz M. Ali, Performance investigation of solid desiccant evaporative cooling system configurations in different climatic zones, Energy Conversion and Management 97 (2015) 323–339. (IF=3.604)

8. Ali Ahsan, Muzaffar Ali, Hafiz.M.Ali, Tanzeel-Rasheed, M. Adil Qadeer, Sher Asim Khan, Implementation Analysis of ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System (EnMS) on a Small/Medium Enterprise, Technical Journal of UET Taxila, Vol 20 (2015) 72-80. (Y- category)

9. Hafiz Muhammad ALI, Muhammad Abdullah ZAFAR, Muhammad Anser BASHIR, Muzaffar ALI and Aysha Maryam SIDDIQUI, Effect Of Dust Deposition on the Performance of Photovoltaic Modules in Taxila, Pakistan, Journal. Thermal Science (accepted). (IF=0.962)

10. Nadeem Ahmad Sheikh, Sheryar Manzoor, Muzaffar Ali, "Variation of Heat Flux at Lower Frequencies of  Vibration in a Vibrated Granular Bed," Advances in Condensed Matter Physics, vol. 2015, Article ID 598354, 6 pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/598354. (IF=1.013)

11. Aysha Maryam SIDDIQUI, Waqas ARSHAD, Hafiz Muhammad ALI, Muzaffar ALI and Muhammad Ali NASIR "Evaluation of Nanofluids Performance for Simulated Microprocessor ,
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12. Omar Khalid, Muzaffar Ali, Nadeem Ahmed Sheikh, Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Shehryar Mansoor "Experimental analysis of an improved Maisotsenko cycle design under low Velocity conditions ,
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13. Muzaffar Ali *, Hafiz.M. Ali, Waqar Moazzam, and M. Babar Saeed "Performance enhancement of PV cells through micro-channel cooling,
Vol. 3(4): pp. 699-710. Online

14. Hafiz Muhammad ALI, M. Zeeshan, Muzaffar ALI , Free Convection Condensation on Horizontal Square Wire Wrapped Tubes, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer ISSN: 0017-9310, Vol. 98: pp. 350–358, 2016 , 2.383(5-Year IF: 2.809)

15. Hafiz Muhammad ALI, Arslan Iqbal BHATTI, and Muzaffar ALI, An experimental investigation of performance Of a double pass solar air heater with Thermal storage medium, Thermal Science Journal ISSN: 2334-7163, Vol. 19, No. 5, pp. 1699-1708, 2015 (IF=1.22)

16. Usman Ikhtiar, S. Manzoor, N.A. Sheikh, Muzaffar Ali, Free stream flow and forced convection heat transfer around a rotating circular cylinder subjected to a single gust impulse, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer ISSN: 0017-9310 Vol. 99: 851–861 ,2016 ,2.383(5-Year IF: 2.809)

17. Syed Ihtsham-ul-Haq Gilani, Muhammad Hammad Khan, Muzaffar Ali, Revisiting Fanger’s thermal comfort model using mean blood pressure as a bio-marker: an experimental investigation, Applied Thermal Engineering ,ISSN: 1359-4311 Volume 109, Part A, Pages 35-43 2016,(IF=3.03)

18. Nadeem A. Sheikh, Shehryar Manzoor, Muhammad Mahabat Khan and Muzaffar Ali Hydrodynamic description of a vibrofluidized granular bed driven at high frequency ,
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21. M. Kashif Shahzad*, Adeem Zahid, Tanzeel Rashid, Mirza Abdullah Rehan, Muzaffar Ali,Mueen Ahmad, Techno-economic feasibility analysis of a solar-biomass off grid system for the electrification of remote rural areas in Pakistan using HOMER software, International Journal of Renewable Energy ISSN: 0960-1481 Vol. 106 pp- 264-273 2017, (IF=3.4)

22.  Muzaffar Ali, Sher Asim Khana, et. al. Performance analysis of a low capacity solar tower water heating system in climate of Pakistan, Energy and Buildings 143 , pp. 84–99 (2017)

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28.  Saba arif, Muzaffar ali , Performance analysis of different of configuration heating and cooling for a multi-zone building, Journal of Renewable Energy Technology,2017.

29.   Muzaffar Ali,1Muhammad Hasan Iqbal, Nadeem Ahmed Sheikh,Hafiz et. al., Performance Investigation of Air Velocity Effects on PV Modules under Controlled Conditions, International Journal of Photoenergy, Volume 2017, 2017.Article ID 3829671,  doi:

30.   Mirza Abdullah Rehan, Muzaffar Ali, Nadeem Ahmed Sheikh et. al., Experimental performance analysis of low concentration ratio solar parabolic trough collectors with nanofluids in winter conditions, Renewable Energy, Vol. 118 , pp. 742-751 , 2018.

31.   Ghulam Qadar Chaudhary, Rubeena Kousar, Muzaffar Ali, et. al., Small Size Parabolic Trough Collector System for Solar Dehumidification Application: Design, Development and Potential Assessment, Journal of Photoenergy (accepted).

1. Experimental Analysis of Solar Desiccant Wheel Dehumidifier for Air- Conditioning Applications [Rs. 0.65 Million]

2.  Experimental Performance Investigation of Hybrid (solar and waste heat) Absorption Chiller for Air-conditioning [Rs. 1.3 Million]

3. Performance Investigation of Maisotsenko-Cycle (M-cycle) using different configurations of heat and mass exchanger [Rs. 0.6 Million]

4. Design and Experimental Investigation of Novel Configurations of Solar Assisted Air Conditioning System [Rs. 1.7 Million]

5. Performance Analysis of Phase Change Material Based Thermal Energy Storage for a Solar Plant

 [Rs. 1.18 Million]

6. Performance Investigation of Efficiency Enhancement of PV Modules Through different Cooling Techniques [Rs. 0.6 Million]

1. Chairman, Energy Engineering Department (2018 to date...)

2. Director, Staff Development Center

2016 to date....

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29-12-2015 to date




Occupation or position held

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor


Teaching Research Associate

Main activities and responsibilities

Teaching and research                                  

Name and address of employer

Universityof Engineeringand Technology Taxila, Pakistan

Type of business or sector


PEC- MECH-17724

2004- date

Best University Teacher Award-2016

1. Muzaffar Ali, Vladimir Vukovic, “HVAC system configurations”, In Energy Conference, Energy Department of Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna, Austria. 2010.

2. Muzaffar Ali. Vladimir Vukovic, Mukhtar Hussain Sahir, “Methodology for automated optimization of building HVAC system configurations” In 41st International Congress on HVAC&R, 1-3 December 2010, Belgrade: Serbia

3. Muzaffar Ali, Vladimir Vukovic, “Model development and performance analysis of desiccant wheel model” In Energy Conference, Energy Department of Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna, Austria. 2012.

4. Muzaffar Ali, H.M. Ali, Waqar Moazzam, M. Babar Saeed, Performance Enhancement of Pv Cells Through Micro-Channel Cooling, In Global Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development

February 24-26, Technology Park, Coventry University, Coventry, UK. 2015.

5. Saba Arif, Anam Nadeem, Muzaffar Ali and Shahid Khalil, Impact Analysis Of Cultivation Of Jatropha Tree On Fuel Prices And Environment, In International Conference Power Generation Systems and Renewable Energy Technologies, on 10-11 June,  2015. (accepted)

6.Saba Arif, Anam Nadeem, Muzaffar Ali,  Design and Experimental Investigation of Circulating Liquid Cooled Vest (Jacket), In International Conference Power Generation Systems and Renewable Energy Technologies, on 10-11 June,  2015.  (accepted)

  1. Performance Enhancement of Photovoltaic Panels By using Reflective Sheets, 15-02-2016
  2. Performance Assessment of Evaporative Cooling System for Optimal Configuration,15-02-2016
  3. Optimal Design and Performance Analysis of Solar Assisted Absorption System Configurations, 15-02-2016
  4. Potential Assessment of Waste Heat Recovery from Rotary Kiln Shell, 15-02-2016
  5. Technical Feasibility Analysis of a Solar Thermal Tower,15-08-2016
  6. Performance Analysis of Different Configurations of Heating and Cooling for a Multizone Building,15-08-2016
  7. Thermal Analysis of Phase Change Material (PCM) Based Finned Heat Sinks for Electronic Devices, 15-08-2016
  8. Experimental Performance Analysis of Parabolic Trough Collector Using Nano Fluids (Al2O3-H2O), 15-08-2016
  9. Design and Performance Analysis of Energy Efficient Building in Pakistan,15-08-2016
  10. Performance Analysis of a Solar Assisted Single Stage Absorption Air Conditioning System, 15-08-2016
  11. Design and Analysis of Dust Deposition Effects on Heat Transfer in Waste Heat Recovery System, 04-07-2017
  12.  Performance Evaluation of an Integrated Solar Assisted Absorption and Desiccant Cooling System, 15-08-2017
  13. Performance Investigation of an Integrated Solid Desiccant and Maisotsenko (M-Cycle) Evaporative Cooling System, 15-08-2017
  14. Experimental Investigation of Mono and Poly Crystalline Solar Modules at Different Inclination Angles in Local Conditions, 06-06-2017
  15. Performance Analysis of Phase Change Material Based Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrated Solar Plant, 06-09-2017
  16. Passive Thermal Management of PV Panels Through PCM Based System, 15-11-2017

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