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Name Muhammad Sumair
Designation Lecturer
Department Mechanical Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Specialization Thermal Power/Thermal Systems
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Email [email protected]

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (2014-2018) from UET Lahore

M.Sc. Thermal Power Engineering (2018-2020) from UET Lahore

Renewable Energy

Energy Policy

Energy Planning

Thermal Sciences

International Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers with Impact Factors

  1. Salman Shah, T.Aized, M.Sumair and SMS Rehman, “Sustainable energy generation – Scenario development for Pakistan in the context of WWF's 2050 vision” Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy.2023 ,(IF: 2.824)  DOI:
  2. M.Sumair, R.A.Pahsa, T.Aized, MMA Bhutta, L.Tehreem and M.Shoaib, “Computing optimum solar tilt angles for photovoltaic applications through python code simulation” Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy.2023 (1-15),(IF: 2.824) DOI:
  3. M. Sumair, T. Aized, MMA Bhutta, L. Tehreem and M. Shoaib, “Performance Evaluation of Newly Developed Generalized Correlations for the Prediction of Solar Diffuse Fraction for Various Climatic Regions” Journal of Solar Energy Engineering. 2022, Vol.145 (2) 021007 (16 pages) (IF: 2.384) DOI:
  4. M. Sumair, T. Aized, MMA Bhutta, F.A. Siddiqui, L. Tehreem and A.Chaudhry, “Method of Four Moments Mixture-A new approach for parametric estimation of Weibull Probability Distribution for wind potential estimation applications” Renewable Energy. 2022, Vol.191 (May), 291-304 (IF:8.634) DOI:
  5. M. Sumair T.Aized, SAR Gardezi and MW Aslam , “Efficiency comparison of historical and newly developed Weibull parameters estimation methods”, Energy Exploration & Exploitation. 2021, Vol. 39 (6) 2257-2278, (IF:2.500) DOI:
  6.  M. Sumair, T.Aized, SAR Gardezi, “Extrapolation of wind data using generalized versus site-specific wind power law for wind power production prospective at Shahbandar-a coastal site in Pakistan”, Energy Exploration & Exploitation.2021, Vol. 39 (6) 2240-2256, (IF:2.500)  DOI:
  7. M. Sumair, T.Aized, SAR Gardezi, MMA Bhutta, SMS Rehman and SU Rehman “Weibull parameters estimation using combined energy pattern and power density method for wind resource assessment”, Energy Exploration & Exploitation.2021, Vol. 39 (5) 1817-1834, (IF:2.500)  DOI:
  8. M. Sumair, T.Aized, SAR Gardezi, MMA Bhutta, SMS Rehman and SU Rehman “Application of Five Continuous Distributions and Evaluation of Wind Potential at Five Stations Using Normal Distribution”, Energy Exploration & Exploitation.2021,Vol.39(6), 2214-2239, (IF:2.500)  DOI:
  9. M. Sumair, T.Aized, SAR Gardezi, SU Rehman and SMS Rehman “A novel method developed to estimate Weibull parameters”, Energy Reports, 2020, Vol. 6 (November), 1715-1733, (IF:4.937), DOI:
  10. M. Sumair, T.Aized, SAR Gardezi, MMA Bhutta, SMS Rehman and , SU Rehman “Comparison of Three Probability Distributions and Techno-Economic Analysis of Wind Energy Production along the Coastal Belt of Pakistan", Energy Exploration & Exploitation.2021,Vol.39(6), 2191-2213, (IF:2.500)  DOI:
  11. M. Sumair, T.Aized, SAR Gardezi, SMS Rehman and , SU Rehman “Investigation of Wind Shear Coefficients and its Effect on Annual Energy Yields Along Coastal Sites of Pakistan” Energy Exploration & Exploitation.2021,Vol.39(6), 2169-2190, (IF:2.500)  DOI:
  12. M. Sumair, T.Aized, SAR Gardezi, SU Rehman and SMS Rehman ,“Wind Potential Estimation and Proposed Energy Production in Southern Punjab using Weibull Probability Density Function and Surface Measured Data” Energy Exploration & Exploitation.2021,Vol.39(6), 2150-2168, (IF:2.500)   DOI:


  1. T.Aized, SMS Rehman and M. Sumair, title of the book “Recent Advances in Renewable Energy Technologies”, title of the chapter, “Pakistan energy situation, policy, and issues” published by Academic Press, Elsevier, ISBN 978-0-323-91093-4

International Conference Papers

  1. M. Sumair, T.Aized and M. Usman “Assessment of Wind Potential in South Punjab”, International Conference on Mechanical Engineering-2020 (ICME-2020), UET-Lahore, January 29-31, 2020, ISBN: 978-969-23447-0-8, pages 21-28.


1. Lecturer (28-12-2022 to date) at Mechanical Engineering Department, UET Taxila

2. Lecturer (visiting faculty, March 2021-December 2022) at Superior University, Department of Technology, Lahore

3. Research Assistant (April, 2020-March 2021) at Mechanical Engineering Department, UET Lahore

4. Graduate Assistant (October, 2018-April, 2020) at Mechanical Engineering Department, UET Lahore

Pakistan Engineering Council

Pakistan Engineering Congress


Fluid Mechnaics-I

Fluid Mechanics-II/Hydraulic Machinery

Gas Dynamics

Thermodynamics/Apllied Thermodynamics