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Name Dr. Muhammad Faraz
Designation Lecturer
Department Electronics Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification
Specialization Photonics and Ultrasonics
Phone No +92-51-9047723
Cell No +92-333-1969804
Fax No +92-51-9047420
Email [email protected]

Ph.D. (Electronic and Electrical Engineering)

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) ,South Korea

M.Sc in Electrical Engineering (2014).

UET Taxila.

BS Electronics Engineering (2009).


Carbon Nanocomposite based Photoacoustic Transmitters

Laser Generated Focused Ultrasound Transmitters

Optical Communication Systems

Solid State Electronic Devices

[5]. Talal, Muhammad, Sumair Aziz, Muhammad Umar Khan, Yazeed Ghadi, Syed Zohaib Hassan Naqvi, and Muhammad Faraz. "Machine learning‐based classification of multiple heart disorders from PCG signals." Expert Systems: e13411. (IF: 2.81)

[4]. Aziz, Sumair, Muhammad Umar Khan, Muhammad Faraz, and Gabriel Axel Montes. "Intelligent bearing faults diagnosis featuring Automated Relative Energy based Empirical Mode Decomposition and novel Cepstral Autoregressive features." Measurement 216 (2023): 112871. (IF: 5.13)

[3]. M.Faraz, M. A. Abbasi, Donghee Son, Changhwan Shin, Kyu-Tae Lee, Sang Min Won, and Hyoung Won Baac. "Strain-Dependent Photoacoustic Characteristics of Free-Standing Carbon-Nanocomposite Transmitters." Sensors 22, no. 9 (2022): 3432. (IF: 3.576)

[2]. M. A. Abbasi, M. Faraz, M. G. Joo, D. Son, S. M. Won, J. G. Ok, H. J. Park, and H. W. Baac, Variable-Focus Optoacoustic Lens with Wide Dynamic Range and Long Focal Length by using a Flexible Polymer Nano-Composite Membrane, Ultrasonics 117, 106545 (2021). (IF: 4.06)

[1]. M. Faraz, M. A. Abbasi, P. Sang, D. Son, and H. W. Baac, Stretchable and Robust Candle-Soot Nanoparticle-Polydimethylsiloxane Composite Films for Laser-Ultrasound Transmitters, Micromachines 11(7), 631 (2020). (IF: 3.523)

Lecturer,  Electronics Engineering Department UET Taxila May 2014-Present

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Optical Communication Systems

Electromagnetic Field Theory

Basic Electronics Engineering

Electronics Circuit Design

Fully Funded scholarship for Masters in Electrical Engineering by UET Taxila

Scholarship for BS in Electronics Engineering by IIUI

[ 4 ]. Aziz, Sumair, Muhammad Umar Khan, Muhammad Faraz, Siddhant Sharma, Awadia Gareeballah, and Gabriel Axel Montes. "Intelligent System for the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia featuring Brain Textures from EEG." In 2023 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI), pp. 82-87. IEEE, 2023.

[ 3 ]. Jaffery, Syed Ali Faraz, Sumair Aziz, Muhammad Umar Khan, Syed Zohaib Hussain Naqvi, Muhammad Faraz, and Adil Usman. "An Automated System for the Classification of Bronchiolitis and Bronchiectasis Diseases using Lung Sound Analysis." In 2023 International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Industry (ICRAI), pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2023.

[ 2 ]. Saif, Ramla, Muhammad Ahmad, Syed Zohaib Hasan Naqvi, Sumair Aziz, Muhammad Umar Khan, and Muhammad Faraz. "Multi-channel EMG signal analysis for italian sign language interpretation." In 2022 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Smart Technologies (ICETST), pp. 1-5. IEEE, 2022.

[ 1 ]. Raza, Mashal, Aqsa Arshad, Muhammad Faraz, Sumair Aziz, Muhammad Umar Khan, and Muhammad Atif Imtiaz. "Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus using Pulse Plethysmograph." In 2022 International Conference on IT and Industrial Technologies (ICIT), pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2022.