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Name Engr. Dr. Mubbashir Ayub Minhas
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Software Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification Ph.D. Engineering UET Taxila
Specialization Web 3.0, Advance Computing, Ubiquitious Computing
Phone No 051-9047748
Cell No 0331-5445468,0321-5103504
Fax No 051-9047420
Email [email protected]

B.Sc Software Engineering(2003-2007) UET Taxila

M.Sc Software Engineering (2009-2011)UET Taxila

PhD Software Engineering UET Taxila

International Journal Paper:

[1] Ayub, M., Ghazanfar, M.A., Mehmood, Z., Saba, T., Alharbey, R., Munshi, A.M. and Alrige, M.A., 2019. Modeling user rating preference behavior to improve the performance of the collaborative filtering based recommender systems. PloS one, 14(8).

[2] Ayub, M., Ghazanfar, M. A., Mehmood, Z., Alyoubi, K. H., & Alfakeeh, A. S. (2019). Unifying user similarity and social trust to generate powerful recommendations for smart cities using collaborating filtering-based recommender systems. Soft Computing, 1-24.

[3] Ayub, M., Ghazanfar, M. A., Khan, T., & Saleem, A. (2020). An Effective Model for Jaccard Coefficient to Increase the Performance of Collaborative Filtering. ARABIAN JOURNAL FOR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING

[4] Iftikhar, A., Ghazanfar, M. A., Ayub, M., Mehmood, Z., & Maqsood, M. (2020). An improved product recommendation method for collaborative filtering. IEEE Access.

International Conference Papers:

[1] Ayub, M., Ghazanfar, M. A., Maqsood, M., & Saleem, A. (2018, January). A Jaccard base similarity measure to improve performance of CF based recommender systems. In 2018 International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

Journal Paper:

[1] Ayub, M., & Saleem, M. A. (2013). A speech recognition based approach for development in C++. International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI), 10(5), 52.

1. Office Automation System

2. Case Managment Automation

3. UET Eye Spy

4. Remote PC Administration using Android

5. Web Integrated multiple testimonial platform


1. Resident Tutor Ali Hall

2. Incharge Open House

3. Inchrage Purchase SED

4. Incharge Store SED

1. Worked as visiting Lecturer in Deptt of Electrical engg at Federal Urdu University of Arts,Sciences and Technology,Islamabad.

2. Worked as Network Administrator at Altair Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

3. Working as Lecturer in Software Engineering Department from 22/12/2008 to date 

Member Pakistan engineering Council

Following subjects have been taught

1. Computer Orgnaization and Architecture

2. Compiler theory

3. Modeling and Simulation

Currently teching "Web Engineering" to 5th Semester

1. Consolation prize in 4th Javasoft held at UET Taxila

2. Best Logo Designer Award for Almohandis 2007

1. Workshop on “Science Communication Portfolio: A Guide to Creating Communication Materials that Complement Science” for OIC member states, from January 10 to 12, 2017 at COMSTECH, Islamabad.

2. Professional Competency Enhancement Program (PCEPT) 2012. One month PCEPT program under support from NAHE held at UET Taxila from 12th September to 12th October 2011.