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Name Dr. Mamoona Khalid
Designation Lecturer
Department Electrical Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification
Specialization Optical Communication
Phone No 9047565
Cell No +92 331 5031235
Fax No +92 51 9047420
Email [email protected]

      September 2012 |  Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

      September 2008 |  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering




  • Optical Fiber and Communication
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Photonic Crystal Fibers
  • Photonic Devices and Fiber Lasers



1.  Mamoona Khalid, I. Arshad and M.Zafrullah, “Design and Simulation of Photonic Crystal Fibers to evaluate Dispersion and Confinement Loss for Wavelength Division    Multiplexing Systems” published in “The Nucleus” Vol. 51. (2014) No. 2, pp. 249-258.

2. Mamoona Khalid, I. Arshad ,“A Novel Design of Photonic Crystal Fiber with Flattened Dispersion and Reduced Confinement Loss”  published in “Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences” University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Vol. 16, Jan., 2015 (p. 93–99) 

3. M. Khalid, I. Arshad , “Estimation of Low Loss and Dispersion of Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fiber designs for WDM  Systems” Published in “Technical Journal” University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan. Vol.19 (2014), No.4. pp.  9-13.

4. Mamoona Khalid, I. Arshad , “Analysis of Light propagation through PCF with reduced losses” Published in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Systems Engineering, January 2016. 

5. Mamoona Khalid, I. Arshad, “Efficient Design of Erbium Doped Photonic Amplifier with Zero Noise for Maximum Power Amplification” Paper under review.

6. Mamoona Khalid, I.Rabbi, I. Arshad “Design and Implementation of Magneto Hydro Dynamics Based Propeller”, paper under review.

7. Mamoona Khalid, Irfan Arshad “ Optimum Hollow Core Fiber Design for Long Haul Optical Communication System”, Paper under review.


Mamoona Irfan, “Light Propagation through Photonic Crystal Fiber, the Mathematical model for WDM systems” Book published by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany 19-02-2015.  ISBN: 978-3-659-34915-7.



  • Analysis of Recovery mechanism of Multip-Proocol label switching (B.Sc Thesis, 2008)
  • Mathematical Modeling and simulation of Light Propagation through Photonic Crystal Fiber (MSc Thesis, 2012)



Lecturer Electrical Engineering Department, University of ENgineering and Technology, Taxila from 06-12-2008 till Date



  • Active member of Quality Enhancement Cell UET Taxila
  • Active member of Pakistan Engineering Council UET Taxila
  • Engineering Drawing and CAD  (B.Sc 1st Semester course)
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Programming (B.Sc 1st Semester course)
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits (B.Sc 2nd Semester Course)
  • Power Electronics (B.Sc 5th Semester course)
  • Optical Communication (B.Sc 8th Semester course)
  • Linear Control Systems (B.Sc 6th Semster Course)



  • Award of Best Performance in Final Year of BSc Electrical Engineering (Gold Medal), 2008
  • Certificate of Presenting Paper in IEEE International Conference ICISE, Islamic International University IIU and IEEE, Islamabad, Pakistan 2016

1. Certificate of Participation as active Member during Women Empowerment Week, An-Nisa Society UET Taxila, IEEE WIE Affinity Group and Women in Engineering Group at University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila 2016

2. Participated in 3 day International Symposium on Lasers and its Applications, National Institute of Lasers and Optronics (NILOP), January 2016.

3.  Participated in Professional Competency Enhancement Program for Teachers (PCEPT)

24 day training program held by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan at University of Engineering & technology, Taxila, 2011.



  1. Design and implementation of Megneto-Hydro Dynamic Propeller. (Got consolation prize from UET Taxila, Pakistan in the event of Open house and Job Fair  2016)
  2.  Photonic Crystal Fiber Amplifiers for power amplification
  3.  Hollow core fiber amplifiers for WDM and DWDM systems

Optoelectronics Research Group