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Name Khurram Saleem
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Mechatronics Engineering (Chakwal)
Highest Qualification
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Email [email protected]

PhD. Mechanical Engineering, KOC University, Turkey

MSc. Mechatronics Engieering, UET Lahore

BSc. Mechatronics Engineering, UET Lahore

Saleem, M. K., Yilmaz, C., & Basdogan, C. (2018). Psychophysical Evaluation of Change in Friction on an Ultrasonically-Actuated Touchscreen. IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 11(4), 599–610.

Khan, M. I., Khan, A. M., Saleem, M. K., & Nouman, A. (2012). Development of efficient tactile sensing system for humanoid robotics. In Applied Mechanics and Materials (Vol. 232, pp. 372-376). Trans Tech Publications.

Saleem, M. K., Yilmaz, C., & Basdogan, C. (2017). Tactile perception of change in friction on an ultrasonically actuated glass surface. IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC), (June), 495–500.

Vardar, Y., Isleyen, A., Saleem, M. K., & Basdogan, C. (2017). Roughness perception of virtual textures displayed by electrovibration on touch screens. IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC), (June), 263–268.

Khan, M. I., Khan, A. M., Nouman, A., Azhar, M. I., & Saleem, M. K. (2012). pH sensing materials for MEMS sensors and detection techniques. In International conference on solid-state and integrated circuit (Vol. 32).