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Name Dr. Inamul Hasan Shaikh
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Electrical Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification PhD
Specialization Control System, Learning Control, Intelligent Control, Robotics
Phone No 0092-519047547
Cell No 0092-3008343800
Fax No 0092-519047420
Email [email protected]
  • PhD (Electrical Engineering), University of Manchester, UK (2014)
  • MSc (Electrical Engineering), UET, Taxila, Pakistan (2005)
  • BSc (Electrical Engineering with Honours), UET, Lahore, Pakistan (1992)


  • Mansoor Zahoor Qadri, Ahsan Ali, Inam-ul-Hassan Sheikh, ‘Hybrid Iterative Learning Control for Position tracking of an Hydraulic Servo System”, NED University Journal of Research, Vol: 16(2), March 2019 pp.31-42, 12p.

  • Bushra Hanif, Inam-ul-Hassan Shaikh  and Ahsan Ali, “Iterative Learning Control Based Fractional Order PID Controller for Magnetic Levitation System”, Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol: 38(4), October, 2019, pp.885-900 .

  • Faisal Saleem, Ahsan Ali, Muhammad Wasim and Inamul Hassan Shaikh, “An Iterative Kernel-PCA based LPV Control Approach for a 4-DOF Control Moment Gyroscope”, IEEE Access, Vol:7, pp. 164000-164008, November, 2019.

  • Bilawal Nawaz Malik, Zaira Anwar, Aftab Ahmad, Safeeullah, and Inam-ul-Hasan Shaikh, “Performance and Comparative Analysis of Speed Control of IM using Improved Hybrid Fuzzy Gain Scheduling of PID Controller”, New Horizons IEEEP (Journal of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan)’, Volume 101, Nos. 1-2, December, 2019, pp.14-21, ISSN No: 2226 – 3659.

  • Hamid Ali, Ahsan Ali, Inam Ul Hasan Shaikh, “Disturbance observer based control of twin rotor aerodynamic system”, Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences 28 (4),July 2020, pp.2213-2227. E-ISSN: 1303-6203, ISSN: 1300-0632.

  • Faisal Saleem, Ahsan Ali, Inam Ul Hasan Shaikh, Muhammad Wasim, “A Hybrid H-infinity based ILC Design Approach for Trajectory tracking of a Twin Rotor Aerodynamic System”, Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol: 20(1), January 2021, pp.169-179, ISSN: 2413-7219.

  • Atif Mehmood, Inam ul Hasan Shaikh, Ahsan Ali, “Application of  Deep Reinforcement Learning for Tracking Control of 3WD Omnidirectional Mobile Robot" Information Technology And Control, Vol. 50(3), pp: 507-521, September 2021, Print ISSN: 1392-124X, Online ISSN: 2335-884X

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  • S. I. Khan, M. A. Choudhry, A. Ali, I. U. H. Shaikh, and F. Saleem. A hybrid technique for upward stabilization and control of two wheeled self-balancing segway. Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology, January 2022, 41(1), 169–179.

  • Faisal Saleem, Ahsan Ali, Inam ul Hasan Shaikh, and Muhammad Wasim. Application and comparison of kernel functions for linear parameter varying model approximation of nonlinear systems. Appl. Math. Journal of Chinese Universities, 2020. (Accepted)

  • Muhammad Wasim, Ahsan Ali, Mohammad Ahmad Choudhry, Inam Ul Hasan Shaikh, Faisal Salim, “Robust Design of Sliding Mode Control for Airship trajectory tracking with uncertainty and disturbance estimation”, Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, (Submitted 17-12-2021)

  • Muhammad Tariq, Hazoor Ahmad, Awais Yasin, Sohail Razzaq, Muhammad Ahmad Chaudhry, Inam Ul Hasan Shaikh, Ahsan Ali, Saeed Mian Qaiser, Jamshed Iqbal, “Investigation of Vibration's Effect on Driver in Optimal Motion Cueing Algorithm”, PLOS One (submitted, PONE-D-22-09107)



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  • Shaikh, I. U. H., “Iterative Learning Controller - Rate of Convergence Analysis”, in PGR poster conference, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 24 November, 2010. pp: 12
  • Shaikh, I. U. H.; Khalili, H. H.; Brown, M., “Convergence Analysis of Cyclic Iterative Learning Control Scheme”, in Proceedings of 2012 9th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology (IBCAST), Islamabad, Pakistan, 9-12 January, 2012. pp: 1 - 7
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  • M. Z. Ur Rahman, I. U. Hassan Shaikh, A. Ali and N. Ahmad, "Fixed structure H-infinity control of couple tank system and anti-integral windup PID control strategy for actuator saturation," 2016 World Congress on Industrial Control Systems Security (WCICSS), London, UK, 12-14 Dec, 2016, pp. 1-6.
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  • A. Ullah, I. U. H. Sheikh, S. Arshad and F. Saleem, "Digital Active Power Filter Controller Design for Current Harmonics in Power System," 2019 16th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology (IBCAST), Islamabad, Pakistan, 2019, pp. 384-388
  • Muhammad Umar, Inam Ul Hasan Shaikh and Ahsan Ali, “Speed Variation Control of Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drive using Intelligent Fuzzy Adaptive PID Controller”, 19th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology (IBCAST), Bhurban Pakistan, (Accepted 18-6-2022)
  • Officer In Charge Store, EED (2004-7, 2014 to date)
  • Member Departmental Purchase Committee, EED (2004-7, 2014 to date)
  • Member Postgradute Scrutiny Committee, Exam Branch  (2014 to date)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Electrival Engineering, UET, Taxila - November 1999 - todate
  • Assistant manager, Brass Mills, POFs Wah Cantt - January 1994 - November 1999
  • IEEE (USA)
  • IET (UK)
  • PEC (Pak)
  • IEEEP (Pak)
  • BSc Electrical Engineering, (1999 - todate)
  • MSc Electrical Engineering, (2014 - todate)
  • Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Electrical Engg, UET, Taxila  (1999 to date)
  1. Genetic algorithm based fast, adaptive, robust and optimal 2nd order sliding mode controller for quadrotor. Student: Haris Ali Mansoor

  2. Waqas AkhtarKiyani

  3. Hafiz Kashif Hameed

  4. BushraHanif

  5. Muhammad Umair Khalid

  6. Bilawal Nawaz Malik

  7. "Trajectory tracking of a 3WD Omnidirectional Mobile Robot using Reinforcement learning based controller". Student: Atif Mehmood (Sep, 2019)

  8. Ramsha Syed (contd)