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Name Dr. Ghufran Ahmed Pasha
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Civil Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification PhD
Specialization Hydraulics / Water Resources Engineering
Phone No +92-51-9047-648
Cell No +92-333-553-2030
Fax No +92-51-9047-650
Email [email protected]

PhD Hydraulic Engineering (2014-2017) Saitama University, Japan.

MSc Water Resource & Irrigation Engineering (2011-2013) University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan.

BSc Civil Engineering (2006-2010) University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan.

Flow-vegetation interaction

Flow interaction with hydraulic structure

Eco-System based Disaster Risk Reduction (Floods and Tsunami) 

Debris flow

Scour and Erosion 

International Journals

  1. Pasha, G.A., Tanaka, N., (2020). Characteristics of a hydraulic jump formed on upstream vegetation of varying density and thickness. Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami
  2. Amina, Pasha, G.A., Ghani, U., Ahmed, A., Abbas, F.M., (2019). Investigating Role of Vegetation in Protection of Houses during Floods. Civil Engineering Journal 5 (12) 2598-2613..10.28991/cej-2019-03091436
  3. Ghani, U., Anjum, N., Pasha, G.A., Ahmad, M., (2019). Investigating the turbulent flow characteristics in an open channel with staggered vegetation patches. River Research and Applications
  4. Ghani, U., Anjum, N., Pasha, G.A., Ahmad, M., (2019) Numerical investigation of the low characteristics through discontinuous and layered vegetation patches of finite width in an open channel. Environmental Fluid Mechanics.; 19(6), 1469-1495.
  5. Pasha, G.A., Tanaka, N., (2019) Critical resistance affecting sub- to super-critical transition flow by vegetation. Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami; 13 (01) 1950004: 1-17.
  6. Pasha, G.A., Tanaka, N., Yagisawa, J., Achmad, F.N., (2018) Tsunami mitigation by combination of coastal vegetation and a backward-facing step. Coastal Engineering Journal60 (1), 104-125.
  7. Anjum, N., Ghani, U., Pasha, G.A., Rashid, M.U., Latif, A., Rana, M.Z.U., (2018) Reynolds stress modeling of wake interference in a vegetated rectangular open channel flow. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering43 (10), 5551–5558.
  8. Anjum, N., Ghani, U., Pasha, G.A., Latif, A., Sultan, T., Ali, S., (2018) To Investigate the Flow Structure of Discontinuous Vegetation Patches of Two Vertically Different Layers in an Open Channel. Water ;10, 75.
  9. Pasha, G.A., Tanaka, N., (2017) Undulur Hydraulic Jump formation and Energy Loss in a Flow through Emergent Vegetation of varying Thickness and Density. Ocean Engineering; 141, 308-325.
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  12. Ali, S.A., Ghani, U., Latif, A., Ijaz, N., Pasha, G.A., (2013) An Experimental Study of Turbulent Flow Over a Weir-Like Structure With and Without Vegetation. Life Sci J.; 10 (9s), 315-323.
  13. Khan, K.M., Ali, F., Ahmed, S., Pasha, G.A., Mehmood, I., (2013) Skid Resistance evaluation of Aggregates from Pakistan and Afghanistan. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research; 4 (5), 515-518.

National Journals

  1. Naseer, M.J., Pasha, G.A., Ali, Z., Raza, A., Aamir, H.M., (2019). Flow Hydrodynamics In A Multistage Compound Channel With Riparian Vegetation. Technical Journal, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Taxila, Pakistan; 24 (3): 1-7.  

International Conferences

  1. Ahmed, A., Ghumman, A.R., Alsaleem, S.S., Pasha, G.A., Arshad, M., Rashid, T., Raza, M.A.K., Waheed, M.U., (2019). Investigation of Rainfall Harvesting Potential in University of Engineering & Technology Taxila, Pakistan- A GIS approach. 8th International conference on Water Resources and Arid Environments, January 22-24, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  2. Pasha, G.A., Tanaka, N., (2018) Study of a hydraulic jump formed on upstream vegetation in a steady super-critical flow. 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics, August 19-24, Tokyo, Japan.
  3. Pasha, G.A., Tanaka, N., Achmad, F.N., (2017) Combined effect of vegetation and a backward facing step on energy loss. In Proc. of JSCE 44th Kanto region conference, Saitama, Japan. II-13, pp 1-4. 
  4. Achmad, F.N., Pasha, G.A., Tanaka, N., (2017) Energy loss in a flow through vegetation of vertically two different layers. In Proc of JSCE 44th Kanto region conference, Saitama, Japan. II-14, pp 1-4.
  5. Pasha, G.A., Tanaka, N., (2016) Energy Loss and Drag in a Steady Flow through Emergent Vegetation. In Proc. of 12th International Conference on Hydroscience & Engineering, November 6-10, Tainan, Taiwan, pp 1-6.
  6. Pasha, G.A., Tanaka, N., (2016) Optimization of inland forest for trapping tsunami driftwood. In Proc. of 20th Congress of the Asia Pacific Division of the International Association for Hydro Environment Engineering & Research, August – 28 -31, Colombo, Sri Lanka, pp 1-8.
  7. Pasha, G.A., Ogino, K., Tanaka, N., (2015) Dynamics of tsunami drifted wood debris upon collision with finite length forest – a flume experiment. In Proc of JSCE 17th Int. Summer Sym., Okayama, Japan. CS2-021, pp 41-42.

1. Arif Consulting Engineers, Position Held: Structural Engineer,  (24-07-2010 till 30-09-2010)

2. National Highway Authority (NHA), Position Held: Trainee Engineer,  (01-10-2010 till 06-12-2010)

3. Infratech (Pvt.) Ltd Design firm of Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd. Position Held: Structural Engineer (07-12-2010 till 22-03-2011)

4. Military Land & Cantonment Department, Position Held: Cantonment Engineer, Chaklala Cantonment Board [BPS-17] (24-03-2011 till 13-02-2012)

5. University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila (21-03-2012 till Present)


1. Member of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

2. Member of Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE)

3. Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Undergraduate level

  • Fluid Mechanics-I
  • Fluid Mechanics-II
  • Surveying-I
  • Surveying-II

Master level

  • Advanced Open Channel Hydraulics
  • Computational Hydraulics
  • Groundwater Hydrology

1. Lecturer (March 2012 – May 2018)

2. Assistant Professor (May-2018 – Present)

1. MEXT scholarship (Japanese Government) to persue PhD studies from Saitama University, Japan. 

2. Certificate of Merit for obtaining 3rd Position in B.Sc Civil Engineering Degree Programme. 


21st Master Trainers-Faculty Professional Development Program (MT_FPDP)

Learning Innovation Division, Higher Education Commission. Pakistan 29-10-2013 till 28-12-2013 Islamabad/Lahore, Pakistan


  1. Critical resistance affecting sub-to-super critical transition flow by vegetation (Sohaib Hassan 15-CE-03, Muhammad Usman Noor 15-CE-123,Waseem Abbass 15-CE-151).
  2. Rainwater Harvesting Potential In Sector G-13, Islamabad (Muhammad Usman Zafar 15-CE-139, Kainat Jabeen 15-CE-143, Nabeel Asif 15-CE-159).
  3. Eco-system based disaster risk reduction (ECO-DRR) for flood mitigation (M. Hassaan Azam 14-CE-187, Hamza Ahmed 14-CE-147, Shabih ul Hasan14-CE-137).
  4. Monthly Stream Flow Prediction of Tarbela Reservoir by Non Linear Modeling Techniques (Zulfiqar Ahmad 10-CE-191, M.Rameez 10-CE-111, Aamir Raza 10-CE-116)


  1. Flow hydrodynamics in a multistage compound channel with riparian vegetation (M. Junaid Naseer 2K17-PT-MS-WRI-07).
  2. Investigating role of vegetation in energy dissipation of flood flows (Amina 2K17-PT-MS-WRI-09).
  1. International Water Technology Workshop (IWTW) on "Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)" on 21-22 Feburary, 2019. NUST Institute of Civil Engineering, Islamabad.
  2. One Day International Workshop on "Overview of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modelling using HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS" on November 29, 2017, Federal Flood Commission, Islamabad.
  3. Teachers training program "21st Master Trainers-Faculty Professional Development Program (MT_FPDP)" at Learning Innovation Division, Higher Education Commission. Pakistan 29-10-2013 till 28-12-2013 Islamabad/Lahore, Pakistan.
  4. Short Course on "Total Quality Management" help on February 4, 2012 at the Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (Rawalpindi-Islamabad Centre)

1. Dr. Norio Tanaka 

Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University, Japan

International Institute for Resilient Society, Saitama University, Japan

2. Dr. Usman Ghani 

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila

3. Engr. Afzal Ahmad

Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila

4. Engr. Naveed Anjum

PhD Research Scholar, Saitama University, Japan