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Name Engr. Dr. Farzana Arshad
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Telecommunication Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification PhD Telecommunication Engineering UET Taxila
Specialization Communication Systems
Phone No +92-51-9047914
Cell No
Fax No
Email [email protected]

PhD  Telecommunication Engineering (In Progress)

       University of Engineering and Technology Taxila

MSc Telecommunication Engineering

      University of Engineering and Technology Taxila       -(2010)

BSc  Software Engineering

     University of Engineering and Technology Taxila     - (2006)

​​​​​​​Journal Papers:

  1. Ashfaq Ahmad, Farzana Arshad, Syeda Iffat Naqvi, Yasar Amin, Hannu Tenhunen  and  Jonathan Loo,“Flexible and Compact Spiral-Shaped Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna for Wireless Applications”, IETE Journal of Research, accepted for publication (May, 2018)
  2. Ashfaq Ahmad, Farzana Arshad,Syeda I. Naqvi,  Yasar Amin2 and Hannu Tenhunen,” Design, Fabrication, and    Measurements of Extended L-Shaped Multiband Antenna for Wireless Applications”, ACES Journal,  accepted for publication (April,2018)
  3. Faiza Akhtar, Syeda Iffat Naqvi, Farzana Arshad, Yasar Amin, Hannu Tenhunen, “A Flexible and Compact Semicircular Antenna for Multiple Wireless Communication Applications”, RADIOENGINEERING Journal, accepted for publication (May, 2018)
  4. Mubashir Ul Hassan, Farzana Arshad, Syeda Iffat Naqvi  , Yasar Amin, Hannu Tenhunen, “A Compact Flexible and Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna for Quintuple Applications”, RADIOENGINEERING, VOL. 26, NO. 3, SEPTEMBER 2017.
  5. Aamir Khan, Syeda I. Naqvi, Farzana Arshad, Yasar Amin and Hannu Tenhunen, “A Compact Quad-band CPW-fed Planar Resonator for Multiple Wireless Communication Applications”, ACES JOURNAL, Vol. 32, No. 11, November 2017.
  6. Raza, W.; Arshad, F.; Ahmed, I.; Abdul, W.; Ghouzali, S.; Niaz, I.A.; Javaid, “An Improved Forwarding of Diverse Events with Mobile Sinks in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks”, Sensors 2016, 16(11),1850,
  7.  Rameez Asif, Humayun Shahid, Farzana Arshad and Rashid Saleem, "Scalable Non-linear Equalization in High- Bit-Rate Optical Transmission Systems”, Journal of Photonics Research (Optical Society of America (OSA)), accepted for publication. [Inaugural Issue: June 2013 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Conference Papers:

  1. Farzana Arshad, S. Zafar Ali, M. K. Islam and M. Zafrullah, “Effect of transmission fiber and amplifier noise on synchronization of chaos”  ICAIT 2010, Hainan, China, July 2010.
  2.  I. Khana , W. Razaa , F. Arshada , I.Naqvi , U. Qasimb , Z. A. Khanc , N. Javaidd, “THEEM: Threshold-Sensitive Energy Efficient Multi-hop Routing Protocol for WSNs”, (BWCCA),  (2014)
  3.  I. Khana , W. Razaa , F. Arshada , F. Kalsooma , U. Qasimb , Z. A. Khanc , N. Javaidd, “TEECH-ME: Threshold sensitive Energy Efficient Cluster Heads based on Maximum Energy Routing Protocol for WSNs”, (BWCCA), (2014)
  4. Maria Nazir, Farzana Arshad, Rameez Asif, “Design and evaluation of power budget for a bidirectional CWDM-Passive Optical Network”, 2017 International Conference on Communication, Computing and Digital Systems (C-CODE), March 2017