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Name Dr. Farhan Qamar
Designation Associate Professor
Department Computer Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification Ph.D Telecommunication Engineering, UET Taxila
Specialization Optical Fiber Comm, Wireless Comm.
Phone No +92-051-9047-903
Cell No Available on request
Fax No 051-9047-420
Email [email protected]

Ph.D Telecommunication Engineering

(Specialization: Optical Communication)

University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila  

M.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering 

(Specialization: Wireless & Mobile Communication)

University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila

B.Sc. Computer Engineering 

(Specialization: Wireless & Mobile Communication)

University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila

  • Chaos Communication
  • Advance Modulation Formats
  • Radio over Fiber
  • Free Space Optics
  • DWDM Communication
  • Optical Networks
  • 5G Networks
  • Radio Access Network (Performance & Management)
  • Resource Allocation
  • Machine Learning/Big Data

Duties Performed:

  • Director UGS
  • Director QEC (TED)
  • Director Departmental Purchasing Committee
  • Director (Computing LAB)
  • Director (Telecommunication Innovation Center)
  • Store Incharge
  • Member PC-1 Budget Utilization Committee
  • Member FYP Evaluation Committee
  • Member Gown Committee
  • Member Scrutiny Committee
  • Class Advisor
  • Mentor for Final Year Students (Test/ Interview Preparation)



Associate Professor (Feb.2021 - Till date) 

Computer Engineering Department,

Assistant Professor (Dec.2012 - Feb. 2021) 

Telecom Engineering Department,

University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan.

  • Created new lesson plans based on course objectives.
  • Performed research work to be utilized in academic & industrial environment.
  • Provided academic advisement to students including assistance with thesis and dissertation development.
  • Adapted teaching methods and class materials to suit student needs.
  • Consistently received positive teacher evaluations from students.
  • Aggregated and prepared documentation and reports for office meetings, distribution, and filing.
  • Utilized innovative teaching methods to encourage student learning objectives.
  • Built strong rapport with students through class discussions and academic advisement.
  • Modified the general education curriculum for special-needs students


Assistant Manager, Technical (May.2006 - Dec.2012)

MOBILINK/JAZZ (Vimpelcom Telecom Company)

Employee ID -  5043

During my tenure I worked on equipment of different telecom vendors, different tasks executed w.r.t different vendors are listed below:


  • Worked in Alcatel B-9, B-10 and B-11 OMC-R for configuration changes and providing level-II support
  • Redesigning of cell sites and FP implementation
  • Equipage of new sites, offline expansions and online re-configurations
  • Neighbor modifications, parameter changes, frequency plan changes and other miscellaneous changes in the network
  • Commissioning of all BSS related entities BTS BSC TC and MFS from OMC-R
  • Commissioning of GPRS and EDGE at BSC and cell level.
  • Resolution of OBSYNT (missing/corrupt) issues for ALU NE's
  • Handling Discrepancies and DB corruption issues of ALU NE's
  • Night activities: All possible night activities from OMC-R
  • Configuration of Cisco routers (Type-1, Type-2 and MLPP) for OML routing of Alcatel BSCs (A9120 and A9130) and MFS
  • Addressing daily customer’s complaints
  • Providing Level-II support to rectify down, faulty and degraded BSS entity
  • Coordination with vendor to find out the solutions for manufacturing and software faults in equipment.
  • Worked on TEMIP and HP service Desk


  • Network health Reporting
  • SWAP and rollout
  • Worked on Huawei Mono BTS, BSC 6000 and BSC 6900 CME and used Batch Mode for configuration changes in the network.
  • Configured and re-designed new cell sites.
  • Implemented frequency changes, parameter changes and neighbor modifications.
  • Daily KPI analysis for degradation issues.
  • Outage reports of Sites, BSC’s on daily basis.
  • Worked on TEMIP and HP service Desk in fault management team also performed manual alarm reporting.


  • Implemented frequency changes, parameter changes and neighbor modifications.
  • Night activities: BSC Migration, Cutover, and Reparenting of sites, AMR and Software Upgradation, No Audio Testing, Ater Shifting etc.
  • Performed key stats analysis using PM GUI for any KPI degradation on daily basis
  • Daily outage reports of Sites, BSC’s and links and suggest re-commendations to rectify.
  • Worked on TEMIP and HP service Desk in fault management team also performed manual alarm reporting.

Other Responsibilities Performed

  • WiMAX Sites Configuration
  • Down Sites Management
  • Nationwide Integration
  • Sites Refuelling Management
  • Site Sharing Project

RF Optimization Engineer (Mar.2006 - May2006) 

HUAWEI (A China Telecom Company)

  • Hands on experience on all wireless technologies (2G/3G) related to activities such as
  • Radio performance
  • Radio optimization
  • Stats analysis
  • Radio design
  • Big event planning
  • Trace analysis
  • Traffic forecasting

Transmission Engineer (Dec.2005 - Mar.2006) 

MOBILINK/JAZZ (Vimpelcom Telecom Company)

  • Transmission Plans for NWD Integration
  • Customized Database (TXN)
  • Optical Fiber/Patch Chords Superintendence at LTE

PhD Thesis Evaluated:






(Kiran Khurshid - NUST)

Reviewer @

Telecommunication Systems

Photonic Network Communications (Springer)

Control & Optimization (Elsevier)

Mobile Information Systems (Hindawi)

Transaction on Emerging Telecommunication Technologies

IEEE Access

Journal of Optical Communications


  1. HEC Approved Ph.D. Supervisor

  2. Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC # Comp/06565)

  3. Professional Engineer (14th EPE Qualified-1st attempt), Lifetime membership

  4. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

  5. The Institute of Electronics, Information & Communication Engineers (IEICE)

BSc. Engineering Courses

  • Optical Fiber Communication
  • Wireless and Mobile Communication
  • Computer and Communication Networks
  • Next Generation Networks
  • Transmission & Switching
  • Engineering Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Introduction to Telecommunication
  • Parallel & Distributed Computing/Big Data

MSc. Engineering Courses

  • Advance Optical Communication
  • Telecom Networks
  • Telecom Planning & Management

Ph.D. Engineering Courses

  • Optical Networks
  • Wireless Communication & Networks
  • Research Methodologies

Associate Professor (Feb. 2021 - Till date)

Computer Engineering Department .

University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan.

Assistant Professor  (Dec. 2012 - Feb. 2021)

Telecom Engineering Department .

University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan.

Achievement Award For Technical Bravo’s 2009, MOBILINK

NO-SAMJHOTA Award (On completion of NO-SAMJOTHA Project), MOBILINK

On The Spot Recognition Award (On completion of WiMAX Project), MOBILINK

Best Team Performance Award (Teamlead Access Network-INTEGRATION) , MOBILINK

Retention Policy Holder , MOBILINK

Microprocessor & Interfacing (Hardware & Software), UETTAXILA

Conferences (Published Papers)

Performance Analysis of WDM Based FSO Communication with Advance Modulation Formats

Coordinated Multi-Point Transmission in 5G and Beyond Heterogeneous Networks

Throughput and Energy Efficiency Maximization in Millimeter Wave - Micro Wave HetNets

Latency Reduction in Optical Metro Networks

Bi-directional Transmission of 800 Gbps Using 40 Channels DWDM System for Long Haul Communication

128-QAM x 8 Channels DWDM Communication for Optical Fiber Networks

A Review on Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Microgrids

LTE-Unlicensed and WiFi: Sharing Unlicensed Spectrum in 5GHz Band

Joint Network Admission Control, Mode Selection and Power Allocation in Energy Harvesting enabled D2D Communication

DWDM system analysis by varying different erbium doped fiber parameters

Design and Analysis of Secure RoF Based Communication in 5G Fronthaul

Short Courses:

  • Elevate Your Leadership Skills to Take your Organization to the Next Level. (07-April, 2022)
  • External and Internal Factors that Impact Procurement Process. (14-April, 2022)
  • IC Manufacturing Fabrication Process for Electronic Systems. (16-April, 2022)
  • Digital Transformation and Impact of IOT on Education, Industry, Health Sector, and Society Towards Creating Job Opportunities. (27-May, 2022)
  • Risk Assessment and Management (28-May, 2022)
  • Personal Branding and Career choices for Engineers (05-July, 2022)
  • Employers hire on attitude than any other skills (29-June, 2022)
  • Introduction to Industry 4.0 Technologies (25-June, 2022)
  • Entrepreneurship for Engineers (March, 2021)
  • Development of Technical Team and Execution of a Project (March, 2021)
  • Industrial Simulation: Application of Arena Software in Manufacturing (March, 2021)
  • Reinforcing concepts on outcome-based education (January, 2020)
  • Big Data Analytics in Perspective of Industry 4.0 (September, 2019)
  • Applied Optimization Using MATLAB (April, 2018)
  • Game Theory for Wireless Systems (October, 2017)
  • Novel Approach to First Course in Circuits" (January, 2016)
  • Assessment of Material Damage During Sheet Metal Deformation and Failure Process (June, 2015)
  • The Future use Cases of Block Chain for Cyber Security (October, 2022)
  • PCB Design on Altium Designer Hands-on Training (October, 2022)
  • Public Policy: Concepts, Issues & Challenges-Engineers Perspective (July, 2022)
  • Emergency Training and Exercising (August, 2022)
  • Procurement and Contract Management (August, 2022)
  • Cellular Networks (2G to 5G), Future Applications (April, 2023)

PGS Thesis Supervised:

A Novel Advance Modulation based mm-Wave Communication System for 5G networks (18P-MS-TE-11)

128-QAM x 8 Channels DWDM System for Long Distance Communication (16-MS-TE-17)

Design and Implementation of Chaotic FSO Communiation System Under Varying Weather Conditions (16-MS-TE-01)

Bi-Directional Transmission of 40 channels DWDM System for long haul communication (16-MS-TE-20)

Perfromacne analysis of Dual Polarization Higher-Band QAM Optical Communication System (15-MS-TE-10)

WDM Based Millimeter Wave Transmission System for High-speed Railways (15P-MS-TE-16)

Performance Analysis of Passive Optical Network with Advance Modulation Formats (14F-MS-TE-08)

Effective Bandwidth Utilization by Implementing Advance Modulation Formats on Bi-Directional Fiber (14P-MS-TE-19)

Performance Analysis of Amplification and Dispersion Compensation in DWDM Networks (14F-MS-TE-06)

Design and Implementation of OFDM Radio over Fiber for High Data Rate Applications (12-MS-TE-08)

Design of Miniaturized UWB Antenna for Conformal Applications with Novel Decoupling Structure (12F-MS-TE-02)

A Novel Design of a Miniature Multi-Layered MIMO Antenna with Reduced Coupling for UWB Applications (12F-MS-TE-06)


Field Trainings/Courses:

  1. 9130 MFS Hardware Maintenance, ALCATEL-LUCENT

  2. DragonWave Horizon Compact Operations & Maintenance, DRAGONWAVE

  3. Stress Management, MOBILINK

  4. 9159 NPO-B11 Evolution, ALCATEL-LUCENT

  5. Planning and Organizing, MOBILINK

  6. SYS02 Introduction to BSS Database, MOTOROLA

  7. CP07 GPRS Technical Overview, MOTOROLA


  9. GSM BSS(BSC6900) Field Operation and Maintenance Training (with practice), HUAWEI

  10. Data On The Go, MOBILNK

  11. Nano BTS Operations & Maintenance, IP-Access

  12. Description of WiMAX Solution, ALCATEL-LUCENT

  13. WiMAX Local Maintenance, ALCATEL-LUCENT

  14. GSM BTS Operation and Maintenance On-site Training (with practice), HUAWEI

  15. IMANAGER M2000 Operation and Maintenance On-Site Training (with practice), HUAWEI

  16. 9112 Compact Base Station (Outdoor) Maintenance, ALCATEL-LUCENT

  17. Advance MS Excel , MOBILINK


  19. Culture of Excellence, MOBILINK

  20. GSM BSS(BSC6000) Operation and Maintenance Training, HUAWEI

  21. Entrepreneurship Basic Course, INTEL

  22. Big Data 101(BD0101EN, provided by IBM)

  23. Hadoop 101(BD0111EN, provided by IBM)

  24. Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive(BD0141EN, provided by IBM)

  25. Spark Fundamentals I(BD0211EN, provided by BigDataUniversity)

  26. Apache PIG (BD0121EN, provided by IBM)


PhD Students

Engr. Zafar Abbas Malik

Engr. Usman Siddique

MS Students

Engr. Bilal Amin

Engr. Haleema

Engr. Muhammad Umair Rasheed