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Name Dr. Muhammad Altaf
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Mathematical Sciences (Taxila)
Highest Qualification PhD Natural Science (Probability Theory & Statistics) (USTC China)
Specialization Mathematical Statistics, Applied Statistics, Probability and Stochastic Process, Experimental Design, Statistical Finance
Phone No Ext. 874
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Email [email protected]

PhD Natural Science 

(Probability Theory & Statistics)

University of Science and Thechnology of China

Hefei, China

world ranking :

HEC Approved PhD Suppervisor 

Worked in the Project of “National Natural Science Foundation of China” under the grant number: 11471304.

worked in the Project of “National Natural Science Foundation for Young Scholars of China” under grant number: 11401556.

Stochastic Process, Mathematical Statistics and Probability Theory

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  2. Kamran A, ... Muhammad Altaf Bayesian Analysis of Three-Parameter Frechet Distribution with Medical Applications, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, March 2019, Impact Factor = 1.77
  3. Zahid Mehmood, Naila Gull, Muhammad Altaf, M. Tariq Mahmood, Scene Search Based on the Adapted Triangular Regions And Soft Clustering to Improve The Effectiveness of the Visual-Bag-Of-Words Model, EURASIP Journal, Jun 2018, Impact Factor: 1.73
  4. Kanwal Y, M. Zahid , T. Saba, Muhammad Altaf, Zhang Shuguang, A Novel Technique for Speech Recognition and Visualization Based Mobile Application to Support Two-Way Communication between Deaf-Mute and Normal Peoples, May 2018, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 2018(7), Impact Factor = 1.763
  5. Zahid M, Anwar M, Muhammad Altaf, A Novel Image Retrieval Based on Rectangular spatial Histograms of Visual Words, Kuwait Journal of Science. January 2018 Kuwait Journal of Science 45(1):54-69, Impact Factor = 1.07
  6. Mehwish , Kafeel Ahmed, M. Ahmed, Muhammad Altaf, Sumara Zarif, Ethnobotany of Medicinal Plants Of Tehsil Kotli Sattian, District Rawalpindi, 15 August 2018, International Journal of Biosciences Journal. Impact Factor: 6.58
  7. Bushra Batool, M. Altaf , M. Jamal, Queuing Models in the Context of Biological Paradigm in Hospitals, Technical Journal. Jun 2018. (Y-Category in HEC)
  8.  Muhammad Altaf, Zhang Shuguang. Impact Of Structural Shifts on Variance Persistence in Asymmetric GARCH Models : Evidence From Emerging Asian and European Markets. Romanian Statistical Review. 2015;(1):57-70.
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  13. Nabi, Ghulam, Song Wei, Xu Husheng, Muhammad Shabbir Muhammad Altaf and SZ. Effective Recruitment and Selection Procedures : an Analytical Study Based on Public Sector Universities of Pakistan. Public Policy and Administration Research. 2014;4(10):12-21.
  14. Nabi G, Shabbir M, Muhammad Altaf . Procedural Justice , Organizational & State Politics : the Real Challenge for the Right Selection in Public Sector Institutions of Pakistan. International Journal of Business Management and Research. 2014;41(2):1193-1201.
  15. Shabbir M, Muhammad Altaf M. A Gap In Human And Material Resources as Correlates Of Academic Performance Of Public And Private Primary Schools In Pakistan Administrative Kashmir. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemprorary Research In Busness. 2014;6(1):112-125.
  16. Shabbir M, Wei S, Fu Y, Chong R, M. Altaf. A Comparative Study of Public Versus Private Primary Schools, An Evidence From Azad Kashmir (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). Journal of Education …. 2014;5(9):154-168.

Worked as Director (Post Graduate Studies)

Department Basic Sciences

University of Engineerring and Technology, Taxila

Teaching at Graduate and Post Graduate Level

Teaching Experience is more than 15-years

Research Experience is 9-years

Graduate and Post Graduate Level Courses

1. Stochastic Process

2. Probability and Random Process

3. Mathematical Statistics

4. Advance Statistical Analysis

Undergraduate Level Courses

1. Probability and Statistics

2. Probability Methods in Engineering

3. Data Analysis

Assistant Professor 

X-Director Post Graduate Studies 

MPhil students Supervision


S. No

Name of Candidate




Naila Gull


A Statistical Technique for Content-Based Image Retrieval Based on Spatial Information and Histogram.




Rehana Faizan (UET/BSD/15-MTH-07)

Modeling and Forecasting Volatility in the Presence of Structural Shifts.

  • Evidence from Emerging Asian and European Markets.




Uzma Luqman

(UET/BSD/16-MTH-05 )

On Structural Properties of Interval valued Intuitionislic Fuzzy soft expert matrices (IVIFSEMs) with Multi Criteria Decision Making



National University of Science and Technology

A short course on the topic “Stochastic Modeling and Simulation” at the “Center of Modeling and Simulation” in NUST Islamabad.