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Name Dr. Ahsan Ali
Designation Associate Professor
Department Electrical Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification PhD
Specialization Control Systems
Phone No +92 51 9047 539
Cell No +92 333 4697993
Fax No
Email [email protected]

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, UET Taxila

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, UET Taxila

Ph.D. Control Systems, TU Hamburg-Harburg

Input-Output LPV Models: Closed-loop Identification and IQC based Controller Synthesis (PhD)

Linear systems, LPV control and identification, Robust control, Optimal
control and its connections with reinforcement learning, Tensor methods in control, 
Modelling and control of energy storage systems


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  • "Investigation of Vibration’s Effect on Driver in Optimal Motion Cueing Algorithm", PLOS One, November 2023


  • Indirect closed-loop identification of input-output LPV models: A pre-filtering approach. In IFAC World Congress, 2011
  • Identification of box-jenkins models for parameter-varying spatially interconnected systems. In American Control Conference, 2011
  • Consistent identification of spatially interconnected systems. In American Control Conference, 2011
  • LPV gain-scheduled control of a control moment gyroscope. In American Control Conference, 2013
  • Grey box modeling of lateral-directional dynamics of a UAV through system identi cation. In , International Conference on Frontiers of Technology, 2016
  • Umar, M., Shaikh, I.-U.-H., and Ali, A. Speed control of direct torque control induction
    motor drive using fuzzy adaptive pid controller (accepted). In IBCAST (2022)

Chairman, Liveries committee, (since 2016)

Advisor, UET Adventure Club (since 2018)
Advisor, Debating society (2002-2007)
Resident Tutor (2003-2007): Duties involved overseeing a hall of residence for
male students

IEEE Control Systems Society

Pakistan Engineering Council


Control Systems Design

Optimal Control 

Nonlinear Control

Advanced Topics in Control

Linear Multivariable Control

Modelling and System Identification



Linear Control Systems

Electrical Network Analysis

Electromagnetic Field Theory

Linear Circuit Analysis

Teaching/Research Associate + Lecturer + Asstt. Prof + Assoc. Prof ------------------ since 29-05-2003 (permanent)

Pakistan Engineering Council

  • Agricultural Remote Sensing Using NI RIO And Vision Technology With An Airship”, (Invited speaker), National Instruments Academia day, 2015, Beirut


Title: "Trajectory Tracking Control of Autonomous Airship with Aerodynamic Uncertainties and Wind Disturbance", Dec 2021
by Muhammad Wasim (currently at Aerospace Engg. Deptt. IST as Asstt. Prof)


1. M. Abid Saeed. Closed-Loop Direct Adaptive Inverse Control for Minimum and Non-Minimum Phase
Systems. Master's thesis, 2015
2. Khurram Khan. Design and Implementation of MPPT Controllers for Commercially Available Photo-
voltaic Cell Technologies. Master's thesis, 2016
3. Zubair Ullah Khan. Speed Control of Elastic System with Backlash using FOPID Controller. Master's
thesis, 2016
4. Ramsha Ali. A Hybrid Technique for Upward Stabilization and Control of Inverted Pendulum. Master's
thesis, 2016
5. Afifa Jabeen. Implementation of Fractional Order Controller for Electro-Hydraulic Servo System.
Master's thesis, 2017
6. Mansoor Zahoor Qadri. ILC based Fractional Order Control of an Electro-Hydraulic Servo System.
Master's thesis, 2017
7. Faizan Ali. Structural Identification of System via Output-Only Observer/Kalman Filter Identi cation
((okid)-k-3). Master's thesis, 2017
8. Amir Raza. Experimental Modal Analysis under Limited Number of Sensors using Transmissibility
Operators. Master's thesis, 2017
9. Hafiza Samaria Afzal. Parameter Identification and Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) Control for
Trajectory Tracking of a Three-Wheeled Omnidirectional Mobile Robot. Master's thesis, 2019
10. Hamid Ali. Design of Disturbance Observer for Twin Rotor Aerodynamic System via H-infinity Approach.
Master's thesis, 2019
11. Faisal Saleem. Model Identification and Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) Control of 4-DOF Control
Moment Gyroscope (CMG). Master's thesis, 2019
12. Tayyba Nosheen. Sensor Less Speed Control of Induction Motor using Extended Kalman Filter. Master's
thesis, 2020
13. Adnan Khan. Hybrid fuzzy-pi controller for rotor current control of doubly fed induction generator.
Master’s thesis, 2022
14. Muhammad Uzair Hassan. Linear quadratic integral (LQI) controller tuning for aircraft attitude control
using constrained optimization. Master’s thesis, 2022
15. Shehroz Hashim. A Fuzzy Control Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor For Stator Flux And Electric Torque Improvement. Master’s thesis, 2022
16. Shanza Arshad Khan. Structural Systems Identification Using Weighted Transmissibility Operator Under Ambient Or Forced Vibrations. Master’s thesis, 2022
17. Abdul Haseeb. Fractional Order Sliding Mode Controller for Heading and Heave Control of Quadcopter. Master’s thesis, 2022

  • Nonlinear Control Systems Workshop (3 days) held in Islamabad, Pakistan by ‘H.
    K. Khalil’ of Michigan State University (March, 2017)
  • National Workshop on Resonance Converters and Soft Switching, LUMS, Lahore, 
  • Workshop on Electric Circuits, UET Taxila

Muhammad Wasim, "Airship Autonomous Control", PhD


Center for Industrial IT and Control (CIITCA) was established in 2005 in EED as a funded project by HEC. Prof(R). Dr. M. A. Choudhry was the founding director of the center. The center hosts three laboratories of EED:

1. Basic Control Lab 

2. Advanced Control Lab

3. Industrial Automation Lab


Control systems research group at EED naturally takes interest in the broad area of theory and control of systems. Our current focus is mainly in the following:

LPV control, identification and applications, Fractional Order control, ILC, Intelligent control