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Name Dr. Afshan Jamil
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Computer Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification PhD Computer Engineering, UET, Taxila
Specialization Multimedia and image processing, Image and video retrieval, Digital image processing, Video content analysis
Phone No 051 9047588
Cell No
Fax No
Email [email protected]

PhD Computer Engineering 

University of Engineering & Technology Taxila, Feb 2020

Msc. Computer Engineering

University of Engineering & Technology Taxila, July 2011

Bsc. (Hons) Computer Engineering (Gold Medalist)

University of Engineering & Technology Taxila, Sep 2008

Visual saliency aware content based image and video retrieval in compressed domain (PhD thesis)

Content based retrieval is becoming an active research area from so many years. Content based retrieval systems are time efficient and use contents of visual data to search for relevant material. Automatic indexing relieves human beings from doing indexing task thus saving both time and effort. Content based retrieval systems have applications in military, art collection, image/video categorization, object detection, medical diagnosis, crime prevention, textile industry, digital libraries, finger print identification etc. Currently in the field of image and video processing research is focusing more towards content based retrieval which is time and space efficient. Limited space and bandwidth demands images and videos to be stored and transferred in compressed form. Majority of images and videos on web are stored in compressed form. Compression has increased the overhead of pixel based retrieval systems because images and videos needs to be decompressed for feature extraction. Current research trends in content based retrieval system is in compressed domain, which is computationally more efficient because features are extracted directly from compressed images and videos.

The main aim of this research is to propose content based image and video retrieval system using visual saliency models that results into computationally efficient system.

Environment Augmentation for Driver Assistance (MS Thesis)

This research work focuses on designing an augmented reality based system for novice drivers by overlaying future position of vehicle on windscreen, assuming the movement of vehicle in straight line. Future longitudinal information of vehicle is projected over windscreen that assists driver in estimating future positions of vehicle over road with ease. Windscreen of vehicle serves as augmented display. Each line extends over wind screen to give visualization as if lines are physically drawn over road according to the width of either side of vehicle. The novice driver gets trained by this projected information about the width of vehicle. The position of these lines varies according to head pose of driver and is adjusted accordingly.

  • Image & Video Compression: Multimedia and Image Processing
  • Image & Video Retrieval
  •  Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Visual Saliency

1. Afshan Jamil, Muhammad Majid, Syed Muhammad Anwar, " An Optimal Codebook for Content-Based Image Retrieval in JPEG Compressed Domain", Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 25 April 2019, (IF= 2.9)

2. Kausar, Adeeba, Afshan Jamil, Nudrat Nida, and Muhammad Haroon Yousaf. "Two-Wheeled Vehicle Detection Using Two-Step and Single-Step Deep Learning Models.", Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (2020): 1-19, (IF=2.9)

3. Zainab Jamil, M. Majid, Afshan Jamil, “Artifact Removal from EEG Signals Recorded in Non-Restricted Environment”, Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering. (Accepted 21 March 2021) (IF=6.4)

4. Yusra Khalid, Afshan Jamil, Nudrat Nida, M, Haroon Yousaf, Serestina Viriri, Sergio A. Velastin Facial Expression Recognition of Instructor using Deep Features and Extreme Learning Machine”, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience (Acepted April 2021) (IF=2.284)

5. Afshan Jamil, Malik M. Asim, Muhammad Majid, “Visual Saliency Aware Content based Image Retrieval in JPEG Compressed Domain”, (Submitted 30th May 2023 in Multimedia Tools and Applications.)



Final Year Projects Supervised:

  • Sentiment based analysis of twitter data for Amazon product reviews.
  • Book reading assistant for visually impaired persons
  • Learning2write
  • Content sharing portal
  • Shooting Era 2D game
  • Video Shot Boundary Detection
  • E-Voting
  • Student course management system
  • Intelligent image retrieval of university database
  • Design of Dental Oral Camera
  • Hand gesture recognition and voice conversion system
  • E-cure Android app
  • Context aware activity recognition
  • Corridor cleaning robot
  • A quadruped stair climbing robot for search and rescue applications
  • Warden Girls Hostel (2018-2020)
  • Postgraduate Scrutineer
  • Student Advisor
  • Final Year Projects’ Coordinator
  • Society Adviser of Artificial Intelligence Research and Development (AIRD) Society
  • Member OBE team

Assistant Professor (Dec 2012 onwards )

UET Taxila

Lecturer (Dec 2008 to Dec 2012)

UET Taxila

  • Member of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
  • Member of Signal Image Multimedia Processing and LEarning (SIMPLE) group headed by Dr. Muhammad Majid, Computer Engineering Dept. UET Taxila.
  • Member of Centre for Computer Vision Research (C2VR) group headed by Dr. Muhammad Haroon Yousaf, Computer Engineering Dept. UET Taxila.
  • Computer Architecture & Organization
  • Computer Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Engineering Drawing & Workshop
  • Computer Communication & Networks
  • Introduction to Computing
  • Digital Image Processing

Award of Gold medal in BS (Computer Engg.)

  1. One day PhD Conference/Seminar, 2012 at UET Taxila
  2. One day PhD Conference/Seminar, 2013 at UET Taxila
  3. One day PhD Conference/Seminar, 2015 at UET Taxila
  4. Seminar on “Writing Winning Research Proposal for Competitive Grants”, 26 January 2015, UET Taxila, Pakistan.
  5. International Workshop on "Outcome Based Education and Implementation" by PEC & UET Taxila on 01-02.02.2017 at UET Taxila.
  6. International Workshop on "Outcome Based Education" by PEC & UET Taxila on 06-07.02.2018 at UET Taxila.

MS Thesis Supervised:

  • Two-Wheeled Vehicle Detection with Two-Step and Single-Step Deep Detection Models
    This research work presented a comprehensive methodology of two-wheeled vehicle detection using two categories of deep learning-based object detection models including two-step and single-step techniques.
  • Facial Expression Recognition of Instructor using Deep Features and Extreme Learning Machine
    This research work proposed an instructor’s facial expression recognition approach within a classroom using a feed forward learning model.
  • Artifact Removal from EEG Signals Recorded in Non-Restricted Environment
    This research work focused on artifacts removal from EEG signals in out of lab environment especially when subject is performing an activity.
  • Fire Detection in Videos
    This research provides fire detection algorithm using real time videos. Background modeling is utilized to extract moving regions from the videos and color spaces are used to further refine the fire regions.
  • IEEE SPS Seasonal School on Computer Vision Applications in Robotics (CVAR), 14-17 February 2023 at UET Taxila
  • CIS Global Leadership Development Program for Women in STEM, 02-15 July 2021, China Instrument and Control Society (Online)
  • Training on PCEPT (Professional Competency Enhancement Program for University Teachers) from Sep. to Oct. 2011 at UET Taxila
  • Member of Signal Image Multimedia Processing and LEarning (SIMPLE) group headed by Dr. Muhammad Majid, Computer Engineering Dept. UET Taxila.
  • Member of Centre for Computer Vision Research (C2VR) group headed by Dr. Muhammad Haroon Yousaf, Computer Engineering Dept. UET Taxila.