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Name Dr. Abid Hussain
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Mechanical Engineering (Taxila)
Highest Qualification Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Specialization Thermo-Fluids, Energy
Phone No 0519047693
Cell No
Fax No 0519047690
Email [email protected]
  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering  (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)) Hong Kong 2017.
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering (UET Taxila) 2008-2010
  • BSc (Honours) in  Mechanical Engineering (UET Taxila) 2003-2007.

1. Passive Thermal Management of Lithium-ion Batteries.

2. Thermal Characterisation of Graphene Coated metal Foam.

3. Analytical Model to Develop Effective Thermal Conductivity Model.

4. Ionic Winds

5. Heat Flow Analysis in metal foam/PCM composite


Thermal Management, Phase Change Materials, Li-ion Batteries, Energy System, Thermo-Fluid.

1. A. Hussain, C.Y. Tso, C.Y.H. Chao, Experimental investigation of a passive thermal management system for high-powered lithium ion batteries using nickel foam-paraffin composite, Energy, 115 (2016) 209–218. 

2. A. Hussain, I. H. Abidi, C.Y. Tso, K.C. Chan, Z. Luo, Christopher Y.H. Chao, Thermal Management of Lithium Ion Batteries using Graphene coated Nickel Foam saturated with Phase Change Materials, IJTS, 124 (2018) 23-35

3. K.C. Chan, C.Y. Tso, A. Hussain, & C. Y. H. Chao, A theoretical model for the effective thermal conductivity of graphene coated metal foams. Appl. Therm. Eng. 161, 114112 (2019).

1. Director Final Year Project

2. Focal Person Open House MED

3. Departmental Exam secrutineer 

4. Member Admission Committee


Serving as Assistant Professor In Mechanical Engineering Department (UET Taxila) since 12 December,2012

Served as Lecturer In Mechanical Engineering Department (UET Taxila) from 29 April,2008 to 12 December,2012

Served as Demonstrator In Mechanical Engineering Department (WEC) during 10 Nov, 2007 to 12 April,2008.


Courses Taught / Currently Being Taught

  • Manufacturing Processes-I
  • Thermodynamics-II
  • Machine Tool and Machining
  • Production Engineering
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Energy Resources and Utilization
  • Machine Design and CAD-1
  • Engineering Management and Economics
  • Engineering Statics
  • Power Plant

Assistant Professor Since 12 December 2012.

Lecturer from 29 April, 2008 to 12 December 2012.