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Name Muhammad Abdul Basit
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Electronics Engineering (Chakwal)
Highest Qualification
Phone No +92-543-551278
Cell No +92-322-5898422
Fax No +92-543-541366
Email [email protected]

PhD Communication and Information Engineering, 2016, UESTC, Chengdu, P.R.China

MSc Electronics Engg. , 2010, UET Taxila

BS Telecom Engg., 2007, NU-FAST Islamabad

PhD Thesis: Design of Slot Array Antenna with Broad-band End-fire Radiation

MSc Thesis: Comparison and Analysis of Compression Schemes for Bio-medical Images


Antenna Design

Microwave Engineering

Communication Systems

[1]               M.A.Basit, G.J.Wen, N.Rasool and X.Xue, A wide-band cavity-backed slot antenna for end-fire radiation [J], Microwave & optical technology letters, vol. 58, no. 1, pp. 193-196, Jan. 2016.

[2]               M.A.Basit, G.J.Wen, O.G.Kwame and N.Rasool, A compact wideband CPW-fed hybrid slot antenna [C]. 3rd Asia pacific conference on antennas and propagation (APCAP), Harbin, pp. 57-60, Jul. 2014.

[3]               M.A.Basit, G.J.Wen, Y.Sun, N.Rasool, X.Xue and S.Aslam, A Conformal CPW-Fed Slot Antenna for End-fire Radiation [C]. International. conference on communication problem solving (ICCP), Beijing, Dec. 2014.

[4]               M.A.Basit, G.J.Wen, W.Ping, A Wide-Band CPW-fed Slot Antenna with Parasitic Directors for End-fire Radiation[J], IET Microwave Antennas and Propagation, vol. 10, no. 15, pp. 1734-1739, 2016.

[5]               X.Xue, G.J.Wen, Y.Sun, M.A.Basit, R.Wang and H.Zhang, A compact dual-band circularly polarized squarering slot antenna with a wide angle circularly polarization performance [C]. 3rd Asia pacific conference on antennas and propagation (APCAP), Harbin, pp. 530-532, Jul. 2014.

[6]               Y.Sun, G.J.Wen, M.A.Basit, X.ue, R.Wang and H.Zhang, Broad bandwidth endfire antenna using log-periodic directors [C]. 3rd Asia pacific conference on antennas and propagation (APCAP), Harbin, pp. 526-529, Jul. 2014.

1. In-Charge Time Table 2. Advisor Environmental Protection Society 3. Advisor Engineers Blood Donation Society 4. Director, Communications Laboratory

2007 to 2012 : Lecturer, Electronics Department. ,UET Taxila sub-campus Chakwal

2012 to date:   Assistant Professor, Electronics Department, UET Taxila sub-campus Chakwal

1. Control Systems

2. Digital Logic Design

3. Microprocessor and controllers

4. Numerical Analysis

5. Analog and Digital Communications

6. Digital Systems

7. Microcontrollers and Microprocessor

8. Signals & Systems

Wireless Communication and Antennas